[Archive] ANNOUNCING:The next INDY GT book-call for modelers/illustrators


Hi all, this is not technically Chaos Dwarf news, but…

we are now gearing up to begin work on the follow up to the Indy GT Dwarfs of Chaos book. It will be a “Storm of Chaos” style book with multiple lists covering most of the lost races from earlier editions of WFB, such as Cathay, Fimir, Halflings, Amazons etc.

These army lists will not be intended for use in GTs, as was the case with the Dwarfs of Chaos book, but will still be held to the same standards as that book when it comes to playtesting, artwork, writing and modeling. The play test lists will be released periodically throughout the year, with the final lists being published in early 2011. Look for an announcement coming soon on how to become involved in play testing.

We are currently looking to see who would be interested in:

�?� creating converted and painted models and/or armies from current ranges of GW figures

�?� contributing illustrations

If you are interested in contributing, please shoot me a PM with your name and email address. Once we have a mailing list together, I will send out more info.


Matt Birdoff


Will this be all the back of the book ones?  IF so, how will you be handling the magic items?  The SoC lists are built mostly off the lists of the existing books.

It might be better to split and do SoC style versions 1 and 2 (need cool names).  That way it wouldn’t be too big to print/ download.

The Brain:

I don’t know about rules development or art work, but I do have an all halfling army that I use as either night goblins or high elves. I have about 6 or 7 units plus characters. My favorite are my converted halfling fanatics. If you are interested I can get some pics.


@ Brain - I think we’d all be interested in seeing that! Maybe you could post them in the off-topic showcase?

@ Mattbird - would the conversions have to be based on GW figures?


That sounds like a staggering undertaking.

Good luck, though. I’m all in favour of some of the old armies coming back.

Happy to have crack at playtesting if I have suitable proxy miniatures.


Hi all; yeah, looks to be 3 books total, themed by geography.

Agpo- We’d prefer they be based off of GW models, though there may be exceptions.


Sounds great Matt… look forward to it… If you are looking for Source information for Araby or Cathay as well as some unit rule already written the Animosity Campaign team has a bunch of stuff… Some of it our own others pulled from various GW sources


I may actually go through the effort of converting all my HeroQuest fimirs into Fimir warriors, to make a regiment to go in your book… However I certainly could not obtain enough to make a whole army… although their heads are pretty easy to sculpt (a giant oval basically) and could possibly be made from other models as a base…

Something you need to remember about Fimir, is that they were original the size of a very tall human… but much buffer… about a head taller than an orc, with the build of an orc… and a mace-like tail… (I actually used a Heroquest Fimir’s tail for my Lammasu!)

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that the Warhammer Fimir’s are more around the size of a Troll and were based on 40mm bases… they also happened to look a lot goofier and had ballooney features (poor sculpting)… The HQ ones were far scarier, despite being smaller.

So basically, since fimir models are so hard to find, you might want to include the HQ size fimirs as Fimir Warrior Core.

I would be very interested in modeling a unit of them, and possibly even a whole army, if they aren’t all going to be on 40mm stands, and I can use the HQ plastics.

anyway… Good luck with this project! It sounds fantastic.

I reccomend making sure to include many fantasy monstery/fairy and creature type elements into the lists… because remember this is Warhammer Fantasy, not Historical (It would be awesome to have things like huge ogre size gorillas in the amazons!)… but you guys know what you’re doing.

I would be willing to help in any way… lemme know if you need any illustrations of Fimir… that would be fun for me.



Also, matt, I can try and provide any fluff about Fimirs that was provided originally by HeroQuest, which I beleive is where Fimirs originally came from… hence them having a much smaller size.


OK, Matt, I have officially begun to create a Fimir army, and am going to begin by basing it on the existing fluff and way they are equipped (light armour/belly sheild and great axe).

I would consider giving them 2 attacks each for their core troops, because they have the mace like tail that is used as a weapon, and then also to seperate them from orcs!

Also keep in mind that Fimir are only slightly taller than humans (but quite buff), and that the troll-sized 40mm based models were mis-sculpts and mess-ups.

I think it would be cool for them to vary in size… Characters on 40mm, Warriors on 25mm.

Anyway, I am converting them from HQ Fimir (GW miniature), and Lizardmen Saurus (with lots of greenstuff and conversion work), and possibly also from that company that makes Fimir exact look-alikes called “Bogs”…

Lemme know any updates for the army so I can frame the models around the list.

The Brain:

@ Brain - I think we'd all be interested in seeing that! Maybe you could post them in the off-topic showcase?

Cool, my classes end this week I will try to get some pics up next week.


This reminds me I need to repost my Norse, Tiliean and Nippon army books.

Also as I’ve already told Matt, halfling army FTW!

Brain- please do, I want to see those too.


Also keep in mind that Fimir are only slightly taller than humans (but quite buff), and that the troll-sized 40mm based models were mis-sculpts and mess-ups.

why were they 'mis-sculpts and mess-ups'? I really like the fimir minis;P


I find out now after I’ve sculpted most of it!?

So they should be 25 mm based then?


nope. 40mm! Most of the range was “accidentally” done to Ogre size, and the Fimir list we are doing has them as Ogre sized. :slight_smile:


That’s unfortunate… all the Fimirs I have are from Heroquest (at correct 25mm base size), and I’m in the process of converting an army of them from lizardmen saurus and HQ Fimir casts…

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to use Beast of Chaos or Warriors rules…

Remember, if you’re basing the rules off of the original stat line… those stats were designed specifically for 25mm man-sized monsters. Making them the weakest stats for a 40mm beast in the game (part of the main reason they rarely sold).


there will be core and special units in our list that are on 25mm or 20mm too, no fear.


Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you’re going to have trouble finding anyone with the models to play a Fimir list if you go 40mm…

If 25mm…

Option 1. People can easily cast up the hundreds of hundreds of plastic HeroQuest Fimirs that were made at the correct man-sized scale.

Option 2. Or they can simply order the Bogs look-a-likes, also made at correct scale.

Option 3. They can convert Saurus Warriors… who have the same basic head shape and body with minor conversions…

If 40mm… The only 2 options are sculpt from scratch, or use the scarce and expensive original mis-sculpt models.

Also… why make the rules based on a mistake? I don’t understand.

EDIT: Just saw your response… all I can say is Phhhheewww… that is perfect… 40mm for heros will be awesome! You might also wanna consider boglars… didn’t you guys make them?


I think the overall idea is to show conversion possibilities based on current GW plastics, so combining things like spawn, rat ogres, etc. The heads are more problematic, likely needing to start with either a Rat Ogre head or perhaps Cold One heads, then green stuff to work out the one eye?

Part of the reasoning behind making them ogre sized is also rules-based. In Kev’s current list, they all skirmish, so there’s a unique unit mechanic to them that no other WFB currently has. There are plenty of skirmishers, but none on 40mm bases.


Rat Ogres and Cold Ones heads would definitely be ideal for the big ones, thanks for the tips!

When you can, please gimme a heads up on unit types w/ base sizes and how they are equiped…

otherwise I might have to re-equip my warriors afterwards…

So far I’m going to equip my units as if they were beasts of chaos (minus any spears and shields… just belly shields on some)