[Archive] Another Blood Bowl report

Lord Aldades:

Been a while since the last game, but tonight I managed to get my rematch against my Nemesis’s team:

An Old Belgian Otaku: Mummy Road Show (returns) 1 - Vongalazthag Violators 1

Da Crusha:

nice match. I also have a game against undead tonight. its so weird we both have similar opponents whenever we play. the undead coach is one of the best coaches in the league, Im pretty good also in our league but he always beats me. I was hoping my guard would carry me but he got his 4th guard piece at his last game.

how is your team developing? I have 4 chaos dwarfs with guard, one of them with stand firm. I also have a +Strength on one chaos dwarf. no skills on any hobgoblins. one bull centaur has break tackle, + Agility, and juggernaut. the other only has 5 star player points. no minotaur yet.

Lord Aldades:

My secret weapon is my Hobgoblin with Dauntless.

I use them to just stand in the way of everything big sized, and flanked by one of the two Guard dwarves so Im blocking with two dice in my favor against big guys. Yesterday this resulted in him not wanting to push forward with his mummy to avoid the Hobgob.<br><br>Another nice skill after the obligatory Block which both my BCs have, is one with Break Tackle. Dodging away with a Str4 armoured cow on a roll of a 2+ makes opponents panic in their back half.

Down side on the team this year seems however be the total inability of the Hobgoblins to even try and pick up a ball, after 6 matches I have an impressive total of only 5 completed passes distributed over the whole team, but at least the roster is full now after last match as I started the league with a maximum of players and a single re-roll only.

Ow, and when receiving at the kick-off, I only field 1 of the 2 bull centaurs, preferring an extra hobgoblin just to be in the way on the initial drive and run around to lend assists if needed and able, bit of a waste if having to do that with a BC

Da Crusha:

interesting. I never thought of a hobgoblin with dauntless.

so I played my game today. we were 2-2 and went into overtime. I had my BC ball carrier going deep down the field and in a cage. opponent blitzed one corner away and then got a few tackle zones on my ball carrier. as well as each corner of the cage. so my turn comes and I blitz with the weaker bc, knock over one of the corner guys, a wight I believe, and then ran over to assist at the other corner. then I rolled a 2 dice block with a hobgoblin against a ghoul and rolled attacker down, both down. if it had been a even a push I wouldve ran in for the touchdown that turn. my ball carrier would have dodged with break tackle and scored. but because of the roll I had an early turnover and then he knocked down my ball carrier and ran it down field with a ghoul. I had to dodge with a dwarf to catch him but just got a push and then he got further down field. I had to dodge with a hobgoblin and then got a both down dropping just myself. he scored on turn 6 of overtime. I lost 3-2. it was a really good game but would’ve been so much sweeter to win it, especially since Ive never beaten that opponent.