[Archive] another great mistake by games workshop!


well as you may or may not be aware of, last weekend saw the release of games workshop’s spray gun, which was in the shape of a 40k hand flamer. rather cool i thought.

anyways, ive just read the white dwarf online email, which advises all of them have just been recalled due to an “unforseen issue”.

further research, involving a discussion with my partner in crime, starscream, has revealed the reason behind this:

if lighter fluid is placed in the paint jar, and a naked flame held in front of the “barrel” you can make a real hand flamer!

ah… games workshop supplying a mini flame thrower to kids…

this just made my day!



Every kid knows you can use any aerosol to make a decent flame thrower without having to buy lighter fluid.

Kera foehunter:

holy dunn beatles i have to get one of them. now that’s the warhammer co. i like


it’s better when you use it ON kids. but sure, I want one. it can come in handy one way or another! :stuck_out_tongue:

I particularly love how it was “unforeseen” when really, you know they saw it happening, but were hoping other people wouldn’t figure it out. hahaha

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

hah i can just imagen a kid saying “i’m a real space marine now”

Knight Of Awsome:

lol thats sweet!! but i don’t see why they had to recall it? A product defect or a unknown bonus!


I don’t see why, can you sue lynx (axe i think for you yanks) if, when lit, it explodes in your hand? If anything is improperly used it can be dangerous for kids I’m sure greenstuff is not one of the major foodgroups, and how many kids have glued an oriface closed (i’ll let you choose which) with superglue.

Just because they shaped it like a hand flamer, does that mean they are to blame if it is used as one?


I suppose the difference is a can of lynx isnt marketed at kids and isnt shaped like a flame thrower.

I really can’t see how they didnt see this coming.


Because GW markets their products towards 9 year-old, and obviously every  9 year-old, needs/wants a portable hand flamer. :rolleyes:


But don’t super soakers both look like guns and can carry any liquid. I’m sure they’ve been used for this and yet they still remain on sale…

…but i spose that’s why there’s aren’t any water pistols in the shape of flamethrowers (although it would be cool carrying two extra reservoirs on your back)


dunno about you dude but when i was 9 a useable space marine flamer would have been just about the coolest thing in the world.

I’m now 31 and just caught myself trying to find one on ebay


haha i should really get myself one too!

apparently there is another defect with it which has been released to the public, in that the seal of the propellant flies off if the nozzle gets too clogged up with paint, which then causes propellant to squirt everywhere.

it sounds to me like the guy who designed the oil slubricating nozzles on the 2.2 Vauxhall Vectra timing chain issue was involved somewhere in the process!


dude DO NOT be bringing a vauxhall Z22SE engine into my fave hobby.


sometimes, at night, I still hear the voices…


woops, my bad!

reference retracted!

Hashut’s Blessing:

A few things, it didn’t work properly, hence the recall. Secondly, they offer a £10 voucher to those inconvenienced by it, on top of their refund. Thirdly, they wouldn’t, by law, be able to sell it to the children. Fourthly, anyone else heard about these Line of Sight laser pens (the beam is a crosshair): useless, £6/$12 and limited edition (11 in my local!).

Knight Of Awsome:

Fourthly, anyone else heard about these Line of Sight laser pens (the beam is a crosshair): useless, £6/$12 and limited edition (11 in my local!).

Hashut's Blessing
I think that was meant for 40k 5th, for finding true line of sight, could you explain why it was useless?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Because you can see it anyway :smiley: It also seems to be designed for left-handed use. Fun, but unnecessary.

Lord Zarkov:

But that’s the whole point:) everyone loves playing with superfolous laser pens!

It also might be helpful to mediate a dispute.

Knight Of Awsome:

But that's the whole point:) everyone loves playing with superfolous laser pens!

It also might be helpful to mediate a dispute.

Lord Zarkov
lol. a new marketing tool for 9 year old buyers... still it would be fun...

Viskar Zhragoth:

Ok gang, just some info for your digestion (sorry still getting over the 4th of July “picnic stuffing” (yes Willmark, lots of cake, cheescake and more cheesecake!).

First, the marker lights are limited (read sold out as soon as they are released) and are an effort to fight disagreements in LOS for the new 40K. At $10.00 here in the states, they are a funky add on for 40k, but they will probably sell out FAST.

Second, the problem with the spray guns is pretty simple, and while I like the notion of a flame thrower- which might work except for melting the gun with heat- there is another matter. The caps for the propellant and tank in prototype were all metal, but in production they replaced some of the metal parts with plastic, that would strip and not seal after a few uses. GW was not happy, and returned them and are waiting for replacements…instead of letting us deal with spray propelant and paint exploding out of our spray guns.

Viskar Zhragoth