[Archive] another milestone for me

Kera foehunter:

well i hit another milestone for me today beside for my 6000 post

today i hit my 2000 p.m. !!

lol i thought i posted a lot :o

i guess i bug you guys a lot and ask lots of questions!!

well thanks to you all… that put up with me :hat off

im buying the drinks:cheers


2000 pm!?!  You should really clean some out! :slight_smile: Bearing in mind that includes ones you’ve received as well.

I deleted about 300 the other day before I got bored (currently on 289).

Pyro Stick:

Oh Personal Messages!! I was sitting here for ages wondering what p.m stood for cause i knew it couldnt be p.m as in time.

wow 2000. Ive only got 688 and i thought that was a lot lol.


:o I have 18.

Your activenessiosity (couldn’t think of a word) is incredible. Have a pirate smiley: :yar


damn… good work kera!

you really keep this forum on top!

Kera foehunter:

well thanks guys !!

@ grims not everyone anwser my pms so this made it harder!!

for a non staff!! i thought it was great!!!

@ pyro i see we need to help you a biton your pms

@ perturabo thanks !! but where does a pirate go if not here (well this place don’t give you jail time )

@ jolpis thanks!! i try to help make this a kick ass site !!


It is interesting when you look at the post count of the 10 most active members:

Kera foehunter          6040   
Willmark                4890   
Xander                  3519   
Hashut’s Blessing       3427   
wallacer                2441   
Pyro Stick              2249   
AGPO                    2228   
Grimstonefire           2158   
cornixt                 1607   
Thommy H                1593

So to put this in perspective Kera has posted more than any other staff member, and far more than the other 9 most active members.  

She has posted twice as much as the bottom 6 in that list, all very active members (though some of them have not been on here as long).

If we were to stretch the comparison down to the other members she has posted about 6 times as much as those around the top 15 posters, and almost 10 times as much as those around the top 20 posters.  Again, important to consider she has been here a while.

Just goes to show that if she continued contributing as much she would have a post count of around 9000 by september next year. :o  I’d be lucky to hit 3000 in that time, and I do try hard to post interesting things! lol.

Interesting the number crunching


If all our members posted like this we’d have one hell of a time doing the mod duties, perhaps it’s a very good thing they don’t! :slight_smile:



We could always distract her by sending her on scavenger hunt for bottles of rum. :wink:

Congrats Kera!


The important thing to remember is quality over quantity…

Kera foehunter:

All the 9 member on the list has been here longer than me !!!

so what your say it take 9 staff members to keep me in line!!

Grims thanks for the input !!

i been here 1year 9 month the 22st of june

Thanks swiss !! lol that could work!!


I’m not saying anything, just looking at the numbers in the member list (top right under the bull centaur, for people who are wondering what this is) and recognising your milestone. :wink:


It’s sad to say most of the old gang from the early days were active for a while then wondered into the abyss.  Not many of us old timers left here, and you were newer than some (I did say you’ve been here a while).

Off topic, but I often find it interesting browsing through that member list, looking at some of the old timers and exactly what they posted (click on any member’s name and search for threads or posts etc).  It is interesting looking at some of the early army blogs etc, and seeing what people contributed over the years.  Brings back memories (for some current members as well).  I thought Uzkul’s army showed potential.

Anyhow, another off topic bit from me that should hopefully not throw people off the thread.  Cheers Kera.

Edit:  You were right on the join date thing, for some reason I thought that was 6000+ posts in 2 years?!?  I blame those american dates for confusing me. :wink:

Kera foehunter:

you should do a link with your old gang !!

and put where are they now ???

Yea one day some body might say who was this Kera Foehunter!!


Crongratulations Kera! That numbers you manage to put up are amazing. I’m lucky if I can post a couple of times a week.

Kera foehunter:

well thanks speedy !! well i make it a point to post !! Why be on the site if you don’t post

we need to get more people to post !!!

we need to get the staff to post more !!!

We need more topics!!!

this is the best site on the web !! so we need to post more great stuff !!!

thanks for your reply speedy **** hug **


we need to get the staff to post more !!!!

Kera foehunter
Seven of the top ten posters are staff. How much more should we post, we are already the biggest group that dominates the boards as it is!

Kera foehunter:


since the staff has the biggest group

what are the other groups here that we can compare with the staff?


I for one don’t feel the need to post a whole lot more than I do.  I’d rather save my inspiration for the occasional post than to reply to things without much to add (I don’t take an interest in every thread).

Saying the staff need to post more isn’t really fair, we’re not the only ones who can inspire others to post by creating brilliant threads/ replies.

The immortals are the next highest group, if you were curious.

Kera foehunter:

if any one want to talk about this more !! pm me