[Archive] Another new player with list (1600) + an introduction


I’m pretty new to the whole Warhammer thing to be honest (And hope I don’t offend anyone with what I am about to say) and even newer to this forum.  So hi!

Anyway I’ve had a few warhammer models for a while (Daemons of Chaos) but don’t play as often as I would like.  As time is short when I do play, and because my friends tend to impose smaller game sizes (mainly due to their smoking, drinking and general faffing), DOC were becoming a bit stale (Game pointage range from 500 - 1600).  

So I decided to look for a second army (I still love DOC I am honest) and tried a few out without much interest.  However as soon as I saw and read about CD’s I was instantly sold.  They are a great alternative to DOC and I can do exactly the things I was unable to do with DOC.

Also the expensive points helps me a little because I wont need to buy and paint as many models (even if they are a little pricier).  

Anyway I am waffling a touch, so had a few games and although I’ve read on here that the skullcracker is a bit pants, I really liked it and think it can work (hopefully I have played the rules correctly).

Rather than producing a list to be friendly or to win games I have basically produced a list on things I like (variation is the key).  Here is what I intend to buy/play over the coming months.  I don’t know what is or isn’t cheese because I don’t immerse myself in that to be honest (and I wouldn’t be that great with a cheesey army anyway).

So I would appreciate any comments on this forthcoming list and whether you think anything is a waste (even the skullcracker) or whether you would suggester otherwise.

(Note: Apologies if I get anything wrong re: models, rules, tactics etc and pls correct me)

Castellan (With Great Sword, +3 toughness potion, +3 strength potion, 6+ ward save)
10 Infernal Guard with GW
10 Infernal Guard with GW
10 Infernal Guard with GW

Sorcerer lvl 2

Death-shrieker Rocket
Magma Cannon

K’Daai Destroyer

The idea is a MSU Type army that utalises it’s war machines.  The Skullcracker protects the war machines whilst using its cannonade when needed.  However when the protecting Infernals and Skullcracker are threatened, they attack head on those that dare try it on (Positioning the Skullcracker ina gap behind the war machines).  

Meanwhile the destroyer does it’s own merry thing carving through the flanks or to hit a bit unit head one on its own or taking out anything with t stomp before it can reach the skullcracker.


Edit: Iron Daemon with cannonade rather than the Skullcracker


Hi there and welcome! I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t have offended anyone so don’t worry!

I think it’s a great way to build an army with the models you like rather than what everyone thinks is better. You’ll like your army much more for it.

I’ve not played with a list like yours before and I personally haven’t used a Skullcracker/Iron Demon in any games but I like the ideas you have.

In a small list of 1600 your Destroyer should wreak havok, and the Magma cannon. I don’t know if your MSUs will hold up though with only 10 men. Maybe it would be better with two medium units. I certain reckon that you should make the Castellan a Battle Standard if you’re using small units as they will struggle to win with combat resolution.

I’d like to know how you get on with some battles so let us know. Good luck!


Thanks for the feedback.

I could lose the lvl 2 from the sorcerer and include a BSB and a SB to one unit of 10.  Or I could just put them in one big block of 30.  I’m just a bit conscious that war machines may be at risk from things like scouts or just chaff/fast moving units that I thought a unit of 10 could deal with.

If a big unit gets that close the plan was that the iron daemon, the destroyer and all off the units would have enough to deal with it (plus it may be a fraction of it’s original size).  Also 3 single units with most deployed units being a similar points total, will hopefully confuse the opponent to not know what to shoot, magic or charge.

Does this sound absurd?  I’ve never really played with dwarfs (so I’m very green and naive) and I am a bit worried that they won’t have the legs (pardon the pun) to get into position so will be getting flanked and out maneuvered easily.

Is this the type of set up no one would seriously use lol apart from a mad daemon player?