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Hi guys this is my first post.

I’ve been wondering if CD have an anvil unit of some kind.

I mean, CDW are a solid unit but they are not able to resist a frontal charge of something very big and nasty, like, for example, ironbreakers can do.

Having a truly solid anvil-unit should be great with using hobgoblins archers or such for a bait: they flee, nobody tests for panic.

I thought of using a unit of CD with war banner and BSB with the black gem, wich provides at the same time Lead 10, Battle standard and the possibility of removing an enemy charachter from the combat for a vital turn. After that…BullC them right in the flank!

I wait for responses, thank you:hat off


Well, I play (rarely) dwarfs and I must disagree. Dwarf Warriors can withstand almost anything. They’re tougher than most elites from other armies. And since Chaos Dwarf Warriors are (sorry everyone) the same stat-wise I see no reason why they shouldn’t be able to do the same.

Seriously dwarf infantry is the best in the whole old world. Chaos dwarfs are even better as they have missile units (blunderbusses) with heavy armor. The way BB’s work make them also a good solid block-type of a unit (meaning they need the ranks, and don’t need wide frontage).
Current army list doesn’t have any hammer/anvil (meaning special, elite) units. Maybe in two years time (the rumored update on CD) this will change but not for now. If you have read the Grudgebearer novel, then there were introduced the Immortals - elite chaos dwarf infantry. But of course no stats and no rules.


Rub it in why dont ya? :slight_smile:

- Tallhat


Speaking of Immortals, it’s unclearf from the text whether they’d be a hammer unit or an anvil unit, as it talks about them having cursed blades as well as thick armour. Of course, it could be both, but not to the same level as the super-anvil Ironbreakers.


Well Dwarves Wariors are very solid, that should be admitted by all warhammer experienced players. However there are units that are simply too powerful in damage to be held in combat even for darves, I’m thinking about vampires charachters, chaos, and other very hard hitting unit. I know what you may think, “shot at them until they’re not a threathen anymore”, or “march block them and make them stay away from combat”, but that’s not the point.

I didn’t hear about those immortal ones, but I imagine they’re ispired by the historical immortals of persian…great!


well our anvil unit is the Chaos dwarf warriors…

they may not be rock hard but they are cheap enough that you can have twice as many…

CD are not a l33t army… it functions more like horde…


metro_gnome you forgot to add that CD functions more like a horde with LD10.

Yakumo sorry but you’re wrong, as you’re mixing up two different things. You have chaos dwarf units and you say that they can’t hold on to other units. But instead of units, you’re talking about characters (vampires and chaos characters). Well of course they won’t hold against those guys. Only Slayers, Hammerers (with the rune of 1D6 roll on break test), Flagellants and similar units will hold a charge from such combat monsters. Even Ironbreakers could be broken by a single chaos lord (think about WS8, S7, A6 lord of khorne charging any kind of unit).

But to be able to withstand a frontal charge from, lets say, a unit of chaos knights - you will have to take a solid block of 25 chaos dwarfs and preferably put a hero with them. The unit will be cheaper than the knights unit (even with the hero) and you have a fair chance of surviving via static combat resolution, outnumber and possible kills from the hero.


well im not sure your CD warriors are gonna hold up to Chaos knights either…
and i wouldn’t bet money on the iron breakers either…
thankfully the earthshaker is the main means of dealing with fast moving nasties…
slow them down… hit them before they hit you…


Heavy Cavalry and monster are supposed to break all but the strongest infantry units (psychology aside).

CDs are not great at anything, they are a bit-of-everything army so they don’t need to rely on any particular tactic.

The best anvil in the CD army: get a big warriors unit and a hero with that “can’t attack each other” magic item to use against the champion/hero. Without the hero they should be able to stand up to most cavalry in the game anyway.


The best anvil in the CD army: get a big warriors unit and a hero with that "can't attack each other" magic item

Ah yes, the Black Gem of Gnar. The great leveller against cheesey uber-killy heroes.

CD don't really have an anvil unit, and that is just the way it is. If you're looking for one you ain't gonna find it. CDW are as good as it gets.


Ok guys thank you for your responses :slight_smile:

What do you think about giving the gem of gnar to the BSB?


Ok guys thank you for your responses :)
What do you think about giving the gem of gnar to the BSB?

This could work although I would prefer to have the +1 armour save given by the magic armour we have. The only problem is that the black gem is a one use only item, I would only really use it on Sorcecerer Lords as they are quite often unprotected and it gives them a chance to survive without an armour save.

On a second note I dont like using a BSB in a CD army as we have high enough leadership anyhow (unless you are a slavelord with masses of greenskins OFC) Id rather have a combat hero or a BC hero instead. It does look fluffy to have a BSB though. :hat off

Uzkul Werit:

A Battle Standard Bearer would be most useful in larger games, where you have the points and the number of troops to make it’s investment worthwhile. Don’t ever, ever give it Banner of Slavery - slap that on a Waarior standard if you must. A Black Gem is handy on any character but a Lv2 Mage would work well with it. Drag that nasty character out of the picture and the durablity of our foot troops rises considerably.

True, we don’t have anything to stand up to Kroxigors but most other armies don’t either.