[Archive] Any1 seen this mini, its fantastic


i need somthing different for my bullcentaur lord, ad i was thinking this,
and it will add variety to the army, does any1 kow what scale this mini is?


would be a nice great taurus conversion

or a forgeworld size, life 1/1 scale



Pyro Stick:

There was a thread on this model on HoH when it was still being sculpted and there were only pictures of it made out of green stuff. I always thought it would be a cool model to try use as a taurus.

Kera foehunter:

i think it twice the size i looked in the reaper catalog and get the same scale picture.But i seen it at a store a while back. Any way thats the best price for it too


it is far too large for a bull centaur lord, and you would have to severly mangle it to get a torso on it. it is the perfect size for a great taurus though. i am using one as we speak and it fits on a 50mm base when rearing up, other than that it wont fit.


The Reaper Krung Beast is a good choice for a Cd army as well.

Stick some wings on it and it would make a first rate Taurus.

Kera foehunter:

That is a cool bull figure put that on my Christmas list. yea!!