[Archive] Anyone has good tips on how to use plasticard?


Hey all!

I was wondering wether some if you would want to share tips and tricks regarding Plasticard. (e.g. making weapons, armor etc.)

Thanks in advance!

- Borador


Don’t need to cut plasticard all the way through. Just score it - even a little bit - and bend the other bit over, it’ll snap clean through without rigorous and imprecise cutting.

Also, if its just a tiny strip you need, you can use pliers to grip it to snap it off close to the score line, using it kinda like the edge of an anvil.

Hexagonal extruded styrene makes for great nuts/bolts. Just cut off a thin slice off a 1-1.5mm wide hex rod and a thin slice off a round one, glue em together and boom, nuts and bolts.

Thin plasticard makes for a great shim for slotta bases that don’t fit properly.


Those are some useful tips, thanks!

Who else would like to share their experience with plasticard? (:


What exactly were you looking to make? There are literally volumes of info on making things with p-card on military hobby sites like Armorama & 40K hobby sites as well.

Some basics would be:

-Don’t sand or use a Dremel on p-card without a mask.

-Use a sharp knife.

-Cutting mats are handy.

-Use liquid poly cement for most plastic to plastic joins. CA can be great for superdetailing, but you’ll never want it for bigger joins because it’s too fragile.

-Take a look at http://www.plastruct.com/ or visit a good hobby store to get an idea of just how many variations of sheet, rod, etc there are. It’s extremely handy to have a wide variety at your disposal when scratchbuilding.

-Always keep in mind that poly card, tubes, rods, etc can be shaped, stretched, & bent with heat. Space heaters rock in this regard.

-Additionally, you can use impressions to texture surfaces.:wink:


Thanks you to for the info!

I was looking mainly for information on sharp edges but all other info i like aswell (got a bunch of it lying around but i hardly use it ;P)