[Archive] Anyone have Mid Nor Dwarfs (Rackham - Confrontation)?

Time of Madness:

Hi Folks!

I’m currently looking to add to my already extensive collection of Mid Nor Dwarfs. These are now oop and were produced by Rackham for Confrontation.

Here are some showcase pics of the range for those who have not seen it. PIC PIC

I am very interested in adding more of the following

- Fire-spitters

- Skinners

- Warriors of the Abyss

- Mid Nor Clan - Court of the Abyss

However if you have any other Mid Nor models I still may be interested :slight_smile:

To trade I can offer many different fantasy items or cash, thanks.

Time of Madness


Hey Time,

I have a bunch of Mid Nor stuff, I will take look at what I actually have when I get home from work and list it here for you. Not sure what I’m lookging for trade wise but well discuss all of that if theres anything I have you want.



You can still buy some here.

You change the language on top of the frame.



Here is what I have, I understand you may have some of these but hey –

Araqsalil the skinner, Reapers of mid nor #3, Reapers if mid nor #2, Reapers of mid nor #1, Azahir the mad, Incubes du Despote, Kelzaral the diabolical, and the last thing it’s not mid nor but the huge Tarascus.

Let me know.


Time of Madness:

You can still buy some here.
You change the language on top of the frame.

Thanks for the heads up, unfortunately the models listed on that site are the most common mid nor items to get a hold of, which explains the cheap prices.

@biggmhunter - sent you a pm.

Time of Madness


There are a few recast sites out there if you’re not too particular on owning the “originals”. Not that I’m posting any links, but the reason I’m posting this at all is that one of them claims to be run by former Rackham employees who apparently feel there is some controversy or issue regarding the IP as it currently stands.