[Archive] Anyone knows?


Grey model with two weapons in the middle of this picture. What is it?

Anyone knows?


My guess would be http://sciborminiatures.com


My guess too based on the armour designs.


No it’s not scibor. I have seen the miniature before, but I can’t remember the name of the seller.

It’s sold through a webblog. The guy has only 3 different miniatures for sale. I remember one of the other ones being a big, hulking, evil, barbarian with a scythe for a weapon… I think. I think they might be limited casts too. Each of the miniatures was sold as a character, so had individual names instead of generic tags.

I really wouldn’t know how to find the site again. Maybe my description helps someone else remember. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


Hah! I found them again! Took me an hour or so, but I got it :stuck_out_tongue:



JMR!! Well done!

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I can’t see your photo (because of my work proxy maybe) Barth, but if it’s a Simon mini, I figure it’s him :

I bought it in April (Simon is a French sculptor, working for Mierce and before that for Rackham). I paid it 14 euros (I’m french too) and I also bought Goliath (16 euros).

Simon sells his figs directly, just send him an email if you are interested.


Hashut, I wish it could be mine!!

I found this beauty on Coolminiornot.


Thank you very much JMR and Kamphre :hat off:hat off:hat off

You make my day :cheers


That guy would look even more badass amongst a pack of dire wolfs or chaos warhounds. Great paintjob - especially the diorama around him.


You’re welcome Barth, and thanks for the slaves! I was running out of fuel for Hashut’s furnaces. They are burning bright again.