[Archive] Anyone starting a Chaos Dwarf Bloodbowl team?


Hi Kram, welcome to the site. The good news is that the rules for the Chaos Dwarf team are included in the Bloodbowl living rulebook, which is available to download free from GWs website. Just look in the specialist games section. Also, you can still buy the Chas Dwarf team, booster pack and bull centaur star player from the online store. Alternatively you could try converting your own team. Check out my blog and article in the latest WoH for more details on converting a Chaos Dwarf team.

Best of luck starting your team, Nuffle bless your dice :wink:


What is this for Willmark?

Word of Hashut, but all set for content for this issue.



Many thanks for your help. Checked out your blog & the links you gave me. Very nice models and I’m very tempted to start work on some conversions, probably following Xander’s conversions as I’m a novice when it comes to conversions & sculpting.

Just ordered the Bloodbowl pack so that I can start learing the actual game in the meantime.

Keep you all posted.

Skaven Lord Vinshqueek:

As an alternative, you can also check out the Black Rock Dwarves from Impact! Miniatures and there was a sort of chaotic Dwarf team from either Rolljordan, or Neomics, but I’m not really sure about which one it was.



Hi guys,

Just wanted to inform you that GW has released a PDF called Competition Rules Pack for Bloodbowl.


Since I am just starting the previous edition of Bloodbowl, could someone tell me if the newer one is very different from the previous?




its really going to depend on which previous edition of bloodbowl your referring too… whether it be the last edition box set or one of the living rule book editions. Can you be a little more specific on which edition of bloodbowl your starting?



This is what I bought as they had a 16% discount. I have no idea what edition it is, but I suspect that it is not the latest.

Bloodbowl @ Maelstrom Games



Mine had the book of what I think was Living Rulebook 2. I have no idea where to get the current one since it doesn’t seem to be on the GW site any more, at least not in the same form.