[Archive] Anyone still yet to download RH do it now!


For those not in the know GW have moved the UK site onto the same global server as the US and canada


The Australian site is the last of the english speaking countries to hold out on the old address


And guess which is the last site to have the CD pdf on it…


Its only a matter of time before the Australian site folds into the rest.  At which point the Ravening Hordes list will no longer be available on GW sites (as far as I know, and presuming they don’t re-list it).

If CDO cannot get GW permission to show this, then it will no longer be available anywhere online ‘officially’.

Of course there would be people here on CDO that could help you out if you really needed it ;).  It may be that Xander decides to load it without permission, but that’s one for him to decide on because of the legal aspects.

Thommy H:

And also, I and some others are in the process of working on a “Ravening Hordes V. 1.1” pdf which will contain all the rules exactly as they are in the original pdf, but reformatted and with background information added so it appears in the style of an army book.

Still, everyone should take the opportunity to get hold of the original document while they can since it’s the only official rules Chaos Dwarfs have.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Get that pdf now. Mr. Xander is unlikely to post up the pdf if this link folds because of legal issues. Get this now and if you miss it, wait for the project Thommy H has just mentioned…