[Archive] Anyone use the sacred number?


Whats the point to sacred numbers then?

Pyro Stick
There really isn't one, they're just kind of a gimmick.
A lot of hardcore fluff bunnies like to field units in multiples of their God's number.
I can't be bothered, mostly because it means making up special movement trays.

Kera foehunter:

Great Hashut !! please forgive these doughter they dont know what they are saying.


Whats the point to sacred numbers then? I dont really understand the point of them.

Pyro Stick
It was GW trying to be clever... never really worked as I can't remember anyone fielding their units in the right multiples.

Lord Zarkov:

For my chaos armies i’ve always tried to field the units in magic number multiples where possible; but not with CD. In my Malalites I even have units of 11 hounds and 11 furies!