[Archive] anyone watching the stanley cup

richard barby:

i watched game 5 it was good

just wondering how the canadians and americans are taking the final ?


It’s being taken pretty seriously - since the games start at 5pm, lots of businesses in the town I live in close up early so people can get home to watch the game.


It’s getting intense. Hoping the Canucks win for once - they might be Canadian, but they are more local than the Bruins for me, being just up the road. It looked like they were going to be slaughtered at one point, those high loss games.

richard barby:

im on a netural point of view but im leaning towards the canucks winning as its ben so long for a canadian side to win it


And now, apparently, there are riots in downtown Vancouver. Fires, breaking windows… all by the so-called ‘fans’.

I’d rather be a nerd than an idiot.

And all this over a hockey game. Sooooo stupid.

richard barby:

reminds me of when england lost in 1996 to germany in the europian cup semi final the england fans left the ground and smashed up a lot of german cars round london

i blame garath southgate


update: CityNews

hashuts lil helper:

stay classy vancouver

richard barby:

did anyone see you couple making out will riot police all round them fires buring

make love not war :slight_smile: