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Monstrous Arcanum scrolls are up



List of stuff up next on the chopping board , brets, elves, dwarves, empire

Faeit 212: Massive List of Warhammer Fantasy Models Leaving.....


Oh no

Are these rumours reliable?


Lady Atia is about as reliable as it gets, yes.


already live on the GW website last chance to buy section


thanks for the heads up


Not everything on that list is in the Last Chance section of the GW website, but a lot is and a good chunk are already sold out.


Its the SCGT this last weekend just been, (the UK’s largest AoS tournament) 130 in attendance and official coverage by Games Workshop on their new official AoS Facebook page.

Some nice armies there , spotted this nice Chaos Dwarf one shared by GW on their official AoS page *note some RA mini’s slipped into the back row & an AoW mini, not sure GW realise that.


Timothy Archer:


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Amazing’s the word. Wow! Now it only needs a nice thematic display board, and mayhap a petrified prophet… :wink:


It’s Ben Curry’s army
He has run the Baddice podcast for 5 years now, first with Ben Johnson (who now works at GW) and later with Mark Wildsman and Garreth Dicks. He is a frequents ETC and Masters player from the UK scene, who has played A LOT of Dark Elfs in 6th, 7th and 8th edition, and helped capture the evolution of Warhammer through 7th and 8th edition, with thorough analysis and interview with bot game designers, top players, artist and the most filthy gamers in primarily UK but with loads of international guests as well. I can’t recommend his podcast enough, and it even has a search function, if you want entire podcasts on a defined topic like Chaos Dwarfs.
Ben Curry had a very, very slow pace with his army, and was very much in doubt about his color scheme. He redid all his bases for AOS, and is finally seeing proper game time with this army. He has an account on this very website, but is more active on twitter, facebook, the baddice forums and the warhammer forum. Never met the guy, or even communicated with him online, but heard most of his podcast and can confirm he is good, legit and pretty funny:

Thommy H:

He looks like a really cool guy.


It was a part of one of the ETC banter videos :wink:

It’s not serious at all <3


More pictures of Bens army, that just won best painted at South Coast GT 2016

And with Russ Veals camera (a lot of light)

GW said they would get some proper good close up shots of the army soon so stay tuned


Ben won the GW Facebook comp! More pics posted on Fbook


That army looks absolutely superb!!! I love it!


Games Workshop have gotten very involved with the AoS community recently, this week after their coverage of the SCGT on Facebook, they listed the top 3 armies from the South Coast GT on their Website, with interviews with the x3 Winners , about the strengths and weaknesses of their armies, and selling the actual armies as a bundle deal on the Webstore.

see link below


That is soooooo cool xD

They could have included full armylists, and a small review from the winners, but it is a webshop after all.

They even links to forgeworld in one of them <3

As always with GW bundles, there is nothing to save in terms of money, which is still weird to me but not a big problem

Lastly: Is AoS full out allies? Seeing Stormcasts in lizardmen, suprised me more than orcs+ogres, or WoC+Skaven

Thommy H:

There are no restrictions on what you can include in your army in the basic game. These guys were playing a comp though, and it looks like they were at least restricted to units from a single grand alliance (Order, Chaos, Destruction or Death). Stormcasts and Seraphon are both Order factions, and the background very much supports them allying, actually.

Timothy Archer:

the new Grand alliance books are just incredible too , pretty cheap for such big books and honestly i can’t explain how happy i am with those , its like the 3rd edition codex are back , with really interesting mixed army types, and a lot of diversity in the choice …and that is just the beginning . The fluff of each army is becoming bigger every day , the scenery are not only display they have a real dynamic effect on the battlefield .