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New Orc pics: http://m.imgur.com/a/Bukzg

I think they look bad, but I think that’s largely down to the paint scheme (and I think the paint scheme is what makes them look like Orc space marines to a lot of people - it evokes the image of Imperial Fists for me). If they’d gone for a bare metal or rusty/grubby iron or Black Orc black then they’d look far better. I think that they could also do with losing the gorgets/jaw plates/whatever those plates around the neck/over the breastplate are supposed to be, and the warboss on foot (the first one after the mounted one in the link) could do with losing the giant skull on his shoulder. For me the best minis in this bunch are probably the shaman and the wyvern.

Glimpse the Void:

I like them, but agree that the painting is terrible. Almost any other choice would have been better than that yellow. But that wyvern has so much character…


That yellow distorts the impression way too much. Makes it look like power armour. Will it look that way in another colour? It doesn’t, much, in the case of the Wyvern rider’s black plate. Yet the twitchy Savage Orc Shaman is boss! Now that’s how it should look.


New Orc pics: http://m.imgur.com/a/Bukzg

O_O I'm feeling sick.....


Only industrial-sized diggers look good in that much yellow, it’s why Imperial Fists aren’t all that popular.


First I thought they were SciFi models, like with all other AoS miniatures.
Then I noticed that they are a different scale, being a head taller than all previous Orc models, again like all other AoS miniatures.
Then I noticed the though-the-roof pricing:

Maw-Krusha (1 model) 90�,� / £65 / $110
Gore-Gruntas (3 models) 67�,� / £48 / $79
Brutes (5 models) 42�,� / £30 / $50
Megaboss (1 model) 34�,� / £24 / $40
Warchanter (1 model) 26�,� / £18.5 / $30

Then I moved on without even bothering, like with all other AoS releases.
I am beyond anger, I just don’t care anymore.


I have to say, the shaman looks like a decent sculpt. The wyvern looks pretty nice too. But the orcs and their armor look… ugh? Not good to me. My skirmish game of choice isn’t AoS but it is changing quite a bit in the near future, thankfully I play lots of different games so I’m not worried. I feel bad for anyone who is a super loyalist especially if it just doesn’t match their vision of their army.


Shaman is alright. Everything else is absolutely dreadful.

Glimpse the Void:

I’m pretty sure it’s going to look like power armor, like the stormcast. I’m not into that look so much, but it seems that it’s a thing. I hope the elves and skaven don’t have too much of it.


Well I for one like the power armoured orcs. Was thinking of inserting a few of them into my CD units as slaves/unit fillers (as I’m now doing with black orcs) but seeing the prices, I will just stick to black orcs for now. I do think they’re cool though.


Eh… Bonkers.

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I like the mounts! A lot! That Wyvern & those boars scream character!!! Also, even though I am not a fan of this power armor trend, I like their weapons & their accessories (yes, even the massive skull-shoulder-pad). They really manage to communicate the savage/feral/brutal Orcish nature :)… Also, try not to imagine these guys ranking up in a Warhammer fantasy unit, but deployed as a skirmishing mob. I think they’d work. Finally, if anyone is into Wh40k, these guys would work wonders as Snakebite Mega nobz.


They really manage to communicate the savage/feral/brutal Orcish nature :)

... if you consider power armour feral in a Fantasy setting that is ;)

Let's be honest: All AoS miniature releases so far have the main purpose to let your Warhammer Fantasy miniatures look out of place scalewise and settingwise. GW lawyers want to erase every memory of 32 years of Warhammer Fantasy and to shove the new system down your throat (the GW design studio hates this as much as we do).

AoS miniatures only make sense as 40k miniatures ...  in a larger scale or "truescale".

Thommy H:

They’re the same scale.


They're the same scale.

Thommy H
Probably what Firehammer tries to say is that these miniatures are "bulkier" than before... Aka they don't "rank up" efficiently. As I stated before I think that's fine, their purpose is to be used in a skirmishing game, and their poses are wonderful! True, it was possible to make your miniatures look dinamic in the previous iteration of the game as well, but only if you were planning to build your units carefully to make everything fit together like jigsaw pieces.

Also, I don't understand why everyone is complaining about new miniatures' design. It's a fantasy game. Then use your fantasy! If you can buy a mesoamerican-looking bipedal lizard to run at you then why can't you buy an Orc in full armor wielding a massive sword? I mean, in the D&D or Warcfrat settings you can do whatever you want, and that's why people like them, so why can't you picture Sigmarines in a miniature game? We are in a period where people like to imagine things. You can't have stuff set in stone anymore...

That said, I am too much into old-school wargaming to buy AoS, but that's because Warhammer Fantasy signed my teenage. I fully understand GW's need to do something new! Apparently AoS has a fan-base, and I assume that they went through a thorough marketing research before planning this move. So, if youngsters like the current state of things, good for them! I hope taht AoS is going to bring many new fans into a wonderful hobby, and gift them with many lovely experience in a fun and creative way, the same way as Warhammer Fantasy did for me!

Thommy H:

Yeah, they’re physically larger, but they represent larger creatures. Black Orcs are the runts of this faction. The AoS models for things that aren’t supposed to be massive (like Blood Reavers and Fyreslayers) are the same size as their WHFB counterparts.


@Skink: I don’t think people are opposed to Sigmarines in a miniatures wargame in and of themselves, it’s just that people are so attached to the old Warhammer setting that they’re still upset that the Sigmarines’ existence came at the expense of the old setting.

While D&D allows you to imagine anything, there’s not one single setting that anything and everything exists in as the default/only setting. D&D is a toolbox for people to craft their own worlds to play games in and the existing settings have set what exists in them and how they exist within it. DMs are then free to take one of those and adapt it if they want something else in it, but the ‘canon’ of those worlds is how they’re presented in the sourcebooks. Age of Sigmar and its predecessor WHFB aren’t like that, they’re singular worlds and while players can take them and put their own spin on things, ultimately canon is how GW presents it.

The long and the short of it is that people became attached to the old setting, and what is now being produced, while consistent with what the new setting is, don’t gel with that old setting and thus don’t have a place in it for many of AoS detractors.

I think another problem is that while D&D does undergo changes every so often, most of the time that has no impact on those who want to stick to the old setting as more often than not they have what they need. WH on the other hand, when it undergoes changes, minis go out of production which can limit how players can expand their armies. Sometimes the new minis can sit alongside the old ones without too much issue, but sometimes they can’t, and I think that’s why people are having a problem with the AoS minis - some of the shifts are just too drastic for them.

Overall, I think the ire directed at AoS is a result of cumulative anger. Taken on their own, the models probably wouldn’t raise all that much distaste, it’s just that as part of AoS, the anger that it came at the expense of WHFB has bled over into peoples’ opinions of the minis. If AoS had been an additional line rather than a replacement to WHFB, then I think there would be less distaste for the minis and the system and setting. Or even if these ‘orruks’ had been released as WHFB minis as super black orcs and painted in a better scheme then they’d be met more favourably. Even the Chaos and Sigmarines would probably have less detractors if they’d been integrated into the old setting and game some how.

Also, as for the claim “oh it’s fantasy so anything goes”, that’s a poor one. The best fantasy and Sci-fi settings are ones that are grounded somehow and have a degree of consistency to them rather than random stuff happening just because the writer that week thinks it’s cool. And when that settings rules get broken it’s more enjoyable when it’s because of a loophole in those rules, the characters/audience’s understanding of those rules is incomplete, or similar than if it happened just for randomness’ sake or for cool factor. And the thing is, AoS does have a consistency miniwise, but as I said it’s something that doesn’t gel well with the stuff that already exists as presented. That’s probably why GW are gradually stripping out the old lines as the new stuff comes in - their plan is ultimately to remove as much of the old stuff as possible and what is left will probably be consistent. And like I said, the anger from fans is less to do with having ‘space marines’ in a fantasy setting and more to do with a ‘this isn’t my warhammer anymore’ sentiment which (unfairly) stigmatises the entire range and setting in such peoples’ minds.


They're the same scale.

Thommy H
Almost all new miniatures are at least a head taller than their Warhammer counterparts. This is true for the new orcs, the new Khorne, even the Fyreslayers! And the Sigmarines are Ogre sized.

Now you can say that in the Age of Sigmar, everyone has grown 40% ... or that AoS is basically a larger scale. Either way, mixing miniatures of Warhammer and AoS looks weird ... and is intended to look weird.

In case any customer still wants to mix them, GW is hurrying to discontinue the old miniatures as fast as they can (and change basing standards) to prevent that.

(Grey AoS Chaos Warrior dwarfing the Space Marine)

Timothy Archer:

Put a picture of a FW bullcentaur…

Thommy H:

The Blood Reavers are the same size as Marauders - I own both kits. I’m not sure what the point of comparing one to a (bow-legged) Space Marine model is. I have a Mortal Khorne army that contains AoS and WHFB models and they look perfectly fine next to each other.