[Archive] AoS List Chaos Dwarfs according to german "Age of Combat"


Hi folks,

German WHFB Comp makers “Combat” dedicated themselves to Age of Sigmar and made some Houserules for competitive Matches as well as point values for all official war scrolls.

The point values are calculated with a formula from the warscroll data and then adjusted because of the special rules of the model.

Sadly at the moment it is only in German, but the points lists are international obviously.

Test average point value is aimed for 2500 pts.

You are allowed only max. 25 Wounds in Heroes and for every Keyword Monster, Hero, Wizard, Priest, Warmachine on a warscroll you need one warscroll without these keywords.

Shooting only with line of sight.

Models dont block line of sight. <br>Dispelling attempts dont depend on range.

Summoning is clearly structured as well, as are the special victory conditions.

There are extra victory points for fulfilling certain missions, as was in this years ETC.


I didnt calculate it to the last point but you could field something like that:<br><br>Drazhoath (Hero,Monster, Wizard, so you need 3 units to compensate this) <br>Castellan with great weapon <br>Tauruk Great Weapon

2 x 12 Fireglaives with Deathmask

2 x Iron Demon

5 x Fireborn

5 x Bull Centaur Renders

3 Hobgoblin units.

(In comparison Skaven could bring for example:

Warlord, Battle Standard, Ikit Claw, Snikch, 35 stormvermin, 2 x 25 Clanrats, 3 x 3 Jezzails, Abomination, Doomwheel, 12 gutter runners)