[Archive] AoW is doing plastic troopers


Felix has announced that AoW has started sculpting 3 ups for what will be their first AoW plastics


We are now sculpting the 3ups for the first AoW plastic regiment sets!  

I am sorry I can’t say right now which is the first race we are working on. Creating plastic minis means a pretty big investment (at least for AoW), so we have to be careful and not unveil which minis are we working on until we are much closer to release date.

What I can say though is that the plastic sets will be boxed, containing multi-component plastic frames (high-impact polystyrene, same as Perrys, GW or Mantic) to put together 16 or more troopers (depending on the type of regiment). All that together with the style and look that characterizes AoW miniatures!

So no news about what troops yet -but a good guess would be dwarfs :wink:

They have a poll at the AoW forum - that might effect what will be in the next box set - so why not vote for Chaos Dwarfs??



Hey this is great news, can’t wait to see what they’ll release and what they’ll look like.

Pyro Stick:

This is going to be cool. I really hope he does Chaos Dwarfs. They were in the lead when i voted with 18% of the vote.

Thommy H:

I’ll be interested to see it. I know I criticised AoW elsewhere, but they do make quality figures. If they can create a viable plastic fantasy range, I’ll certainly check it out.

Pyro Stick:

I'll be interested to see it. I know I criticised AoW elsewhere, but they do make quality figures. If they can create a viable plastic fantasy range, I'll certainly check it out.

Thommy H
Im sure they will be excellent sculpts, I just hope they have them reasonably priced.

Thommy H:

Most of the companies producing plastic multiparts at the moment are offering them at very reasonable prices. But, AoW’s market is used to GW prices - maybe he’ll inflate it to meet customer expectations? I’m only half kidding…


I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the AoW gladatorial system based more on groups. If he did this it would make sense to eventually have support groups for all the main Avatars, which would include the CD one.


I’d like to see where this is leading, can’t be nothing but good if the prices are alright!


Sounds great, cant wait to see some of them :slight_smile: good find Clam :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome… maybe I should hold off buying my army just to see what they produce…


It should be really interesting to see what they make.

I am thinking Greenskins might get something first.  He has so many of those models.  Dwarfs also might get something early.  Those two have always been the favourite of Felix.

I wonder if he is going to make basic troops, or go for elite units (that GW only has metal models for).  We know he wants to poach GW sales, after all.