[Archive] AoW is worshiping the Bull


Finally :smiley:

Felix has released WIPs of his Minotaur

EDIT: Arena Deathmatch

I love it - but I’m also a Aow fanboy - bu what do you think?


Nice one, I wouldnt want to stand in his way…


I have to say after all this time I am disappointed.  

Felix may be very good at smaller models, but this doesn’t look well balanced at all, his shoulders are too square, the legs are too thin, there is no neck…  Sounds like a CD actually :slight_smile:

I like the head, and the axe is a good size.

This certainly would not rank well against the other awesome minotaur sculpts out there imo.


Felix may be very good at smaller models, but this doesn't look well balanced at all, his shoulders are too square, the legs are too thin, there is no neck...  Sounds like a CD actually :)

Well a WIPs a WIP. As someone pointed out the finished model is usually way cooler.

That said I agree with your points. Its more bull than man I'd say. A little more neck would have been nice.


Even as a WIP I think it looks better than the GW minos, though I have to wait to see to compare the Mino character.


It looks very promising … but I must agree with Grim the legs are much to thin! :mad

But beside this aspect quite cool especially the pose, the head and the axe!


PS: IMO the GW Minotaurs are all awful!


He kind of looks like he has a hunchback.

Father Grumpmas:

Looks okay but not fantastic.

Mind you, that’s how I feel about the AoW Chaos Dwarf lord so that probably makes me a heretic :stuck_out_tongue:

Uzkul Werit:

Better than the GW ones.


He is a very cool model, i looked on AoW yesterday and had a bit of a read of the wip thread he is looking at putting armour on the shoulders so that should remove the square ness off them and will make it look even harder :slight_smile:


I like it, but currently, I don’t love it …

waiting to see the final version :wink:


I think that it’s really a good miniature…!!!

Probably not the best one of Felix, but so so beautiful, also because I love AoW, so…:):wink:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

The sculpt sure shows a lot of power!

This will be an awesome model once all the little problems are solved.

I wonder how it will compare to the AoW Chaos Dwarf - the one with the big axe.


Slap some wings on it and you have an alternative to a Great Taurus hehe, and it could explain the legs


The finished bull is now ready for sale:

I’m still not sure about the pose - but I’m very impressed by the bull’s head (in particular). All-in-all another great model - and think it will find it’s way to my collection.


Its certainly better than the GW ones, although that isn’t hard tbh.

Its bizarre, he looks awesome from one angle and meh from another.

Agree on the legs/hooves being too small, they don’t look like he could balance on them. Very nice head and shoulders though.


Quite cool guys! :hat off

IMO both are really cool! But they are quite expensive too!

I´m fighting with myself if I should buy them … :mad



It looks better than GWs miniatures. But, I’m going to have to agree with the others. It can’t really compare to the great minotaur miniatures out there.


It’s alright, but I wouldn’t rush to get it.


It's alright, but I wouldn't rush to get it.

I would get the first one if I was you. The second sort of looks like it is in an awkward position.