[Archive] ArcWorlde Kickstarter - Now with Hobgoblins! 4 Hours Left!


Our old friend Warplock (winner of GH#7) is running a kickstarter for his miniature sculpts and  fantasy skirmish wargame ArcWorlde!

It didn’t impact Chaos Dwarfs very much until he announced a Hobgoblin Warband in the stretch goals!


Here are some of the other factions available:

So what are you waiting for, go back this project!


…and I just backed to get those hobgoblins. :slight_smile:


Great looking miniatures! Too bad i saw this too late to back.

I will surely buy some of these minis when it will be out in regular web shops.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


The Honcho looks cool enough, but there’s not enough variety in the others to build a unit as far as I can see?