[Archive] 'ard boyz round 3 tomorrow


So I’m off to 'ard boyz round 3 tomorrow. Thankfully, the Chicago bunker is roughly an hour and a half away (I’m figuring two hours driving to be safe).

I’ll be taking the Chaos Dwarfs. Partially for the reaction of people when they see Chaos Dwarfs, partially because the lack of familiarity will be a strength, and partially on principal.

Am I nervous? Yes. Hard rock and heavy metal will fix that. Am I excited? Yes. I will also get to play against people I will probably have never faced, and may never face again. I hope to have fun.

My only regret was I won’t be fully painted… I love the way my new Chaos Dwarfs look. I have some ideas how to make this work though…


Wow, break your leg and kick asses with our beloved Chaos Dwarfs!


Kera foehunter:

Well good luck Swiss !!!

* Kera sneak in and take his ale out of his Fridge*

Gar Shadowfame:

could u link your rooster?

Border Reiver:

Good luck and take many slaves for the cause.

Kera foehunter:

Well swiss lost !! he in jail now !! so he asked me to take up money to bail him out

send money to free swiss .com

Border Reiver:

Swiss - how did it go? Resounding victory, humiliating defeat, or something inbetween?

Kera foehunter:

well how you do Swiss? it look like we didn’t get the bail money to him in time ! sorry Swiss


My list:

Chaos Dwarf Lord (General)

Great Taurus

Black Hammer of Hashut

Armor of the Furnace


Chaos Dwarf Lord

Great Taurus

(Dark Mace of Death IIRC)

Heavy Armor, Shield.

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

Lvl 2

Staff of Sorcery

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

Lvl 2

2 Dispell Scrolls

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

Lvl 2

2 Dispell Scrolls

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

Lvl 2

Black Gem of Gnarr

3 x 17 Blunderbuss

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

6 Bolt Throwers

2 Death Rockets

3 Earth Shakers

I was tired to and left after round 2, as my nephew came in Sunday (he, my brother, and sister-in-law live in Europe)… and I wanted to have energy for when they were here. It’s probably good too, as I was able to get home safe. If I had stuck around another three hours, I would have been taking a risk driving, as by that time I was barely able to stay awake at all… so for safety’s sake I think I made the right call.

First game was vs VC.

Dark Mace of Death is AMAZING vs Wraiths. I killed 4 in one swipe. Which destroyed them, of course. The Black Gem of Gnarr also made Mannfred sit out of combat for a turn.

I nearly had him. Late in game I had two lords on Great Tauruses charged a unit of 3 Grave Guard, two vampire lords, and a wight king BSB. The non-general lord challenged and killed the rider, but I managed to put a couple of wounds on the Vampire. The other lord and Taurus basically wiffed their attacks. If they hadn’t rolled so poorly, I would have destroyed the unit (I also had blunderbuss in the flank) and basically won the game as I had picked off the other units (killing a vampire, and MAnnfred the Acolyte).

This wiff swung the game and I ended up losing. VC is very tough for my Chaos Dwarfs, as they just don’t stay dead.

Game 2 was against an Empire Panzer Division. Three Stanks, Popemobile, 2 cannons, 2 big units of outriders, several units of halberdiers.

He got first turn, and had some bad dice. Miscasting with one wizard, who was in a cannon crew, putting a wound on him. So on my turn I shut down his shooting with my earthshakers. I also had a death rocket roll the hit and misfire and careen wildly getting a partial on the caster killing him off. This same cannon had jammed the previous turn.

His second turn his Stanks fail to do much or anything as one or two failed steam generation.

My next turn I destroyed the other cannon with a direct hit and put some more wounds on a Stank or two. The third Stank had a Lord on Taurus in the flank pinning it.

Over the rest of the game my rockets/shakers tended to be brutally accurate. Almost without fail, whenever I did D3 wounds, I caused 3. One turn I smashed the Alter with a rocket (S8 under the hole) and he failed his ward. Not long after my Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower (First shot of the Bolt Throwers) fires at the Lector, hits, wounds, kills.

It was very good dice, my accurate guessing, his poor dice and rolling several direct hits.

I went this year as they allowed Chaos Dwarfs, and I wanted to see what my Chaos Dwarfs could do. I love the Dawi Zharr and I wanted to show people they could be a force to be reckoned with. I checked the chart and I think I might have faced WoC third round. I think I could have done alright.

It was nice meeting a couple people who are out of area.

If I had the energy, I would have stayed the third round. I tend to be optimistic against WoC with my Chaos Dwarfs. I just hope I showed the Chaos Dwarfs have teeth. Both my opponents were good folks, so no complaints there. I would play them again.

I’ll do it again next year if they allow Chaos Dwarfs. I just might plan on getting a hotel room for after the event, despite living 1.5 hours away… assuming I make it to round 3 again.

For some reason the day just drained me, and I don’t know why. I’ve done two day tournaments before without a problem.


Great going Swiss - I imagine a few surprised faces when you turned up with the Chaos Dwarves, sounds like you made a heck of a good show >bows to you<

Border Reiver:

Good job and for the record you made the right call


Good job!

My compliments for showing everybody Chaos Dwarfs could bite if played the right way.

Do not worry you made the right thing, it’s not worth to risk a crash or worse just for a game of Warhammer, next time you can get a room in hotel and have more time to enjoy your games.

Nice list, I’d try one day.


Been getting reports from a lot of people out there who were at the last round. Pretty nasty field. Even the Gods of Warhammer had trouble it seems.

Someone mentioned that if you lost the first (and probably the second as well) game you might as well have gone home, because you are not getting anywhere near the top.

Do you know if there where there many like that?

Kudos for sticking it around for 2 games with CDs. Definitely odds stacked against us, though at high points and no comp the army can be a bit nasty. Nowhere near the Deamon filth though…

Someone remarked that with 3 games 1 day you could get far with the right combination of opponents. Did it look like that to you on the ground?