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Anyone else play Chaos Dwarfs in the Ard Boys tournament?  

I got first at my store (out of six, but hey, I’ll take it), followed by Dark Elves, then Chaos Warriors.

Here is my list. Let me know what you think for round 2.

Sorcerer Lord with Lore of Death, Talisman of Preservation, Dispel Scroll, Ruby Ring
Hero BSB, Armor of Gazrack, Opal Amulet, Warrior Bane
Sorcerer with Lore of Metal, Obsidian Amulet
2X 20 Blunderbuss
25 warriors with Great Weapons
2x 50 Hobgoblins
2x 15 Hobgoblin Archers
10 Hobgoblins
30 Black Orcs
12x Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers
4x Earthshakers

My favorite part is the surprise of my opponents.  Nobody expects the Chaos Dwarfs!

Da Crusha:

sweet, congratulations! dang, 12 bolt throwers and 4 earthshakers :o, nasty!

I would have competed and Im really bummed I couldnt find any information on any place holding an ard boyz tournament.


Damn that’s a lot of fire power you bring along.:o

You got enough war machines to make a dwarf blush. If everything goes your way, you’ll bomb them back into the stone age. :slight_smile:

Gar Shadowfame:

it is 8th eddition rules, you do kknow that rare choice can only be doubled, and special choice can only be trippled, ( in case of 2 for 1’s it is 6 repeats). thats under 3k.

Da Crusha:

I believe ard boyz is a 3000 point tournament


Ya, I maxed out the legal limit of war machines. 6 Specials and 4 rares. 2 for 1 Bolt Throwers means 12 bolt Throwers.

Here was my strategy; Use the Earthshakers to prevent anything important from shooting, or getting into combat (not to hard with 4). Then used said Earthshakers, and the dozen Bolt Throwers, and magic, to take out throw away units, knights, large targets and maybe a character or two. If a killable unit gets near you, charge it with the Chaos Dwarf Warriors or Black Orcs. If a really hard unit gets near you, charge it with 50 Hobgoblins and hold them up with Steadfast re-rollable 10’s until the game is over.

Basically this is a point denial strategy. Setting up on the back edge and not moving means your opponent will probably not even get to you (two out of my three games ended at turn 3 because of the 3 hour time limit). Your opponent will probably get a couple hundred points out of you, on odds and ends, and misfires. That means all you need to do is kill 400-500 points worth of his stuff to get a massacre in the new rules (even though you need to have 1000 more victory points than your opponent to get a major victory, you only need double his victory points to get a massacre - easy in point denial games).

Evil, I know. But it is Ard Boyz.

Da Crusha:

Evil, I know.  But it is Ard Boyz.

well said. it is Ard boyz after all. what armies did you face? were there any close matches?


I’d almost lose the naked Hobgobs for archers or warriors. Either something that can take punishment (warriors), or something that can mass fire (archers). Alternately, I’d consider Orc boyz due to their toughness, I think free light armor (I may be wrong), and choppas. It a bit pricier, but a bit more combat friendly. Alternately, if you do want cheap expendable troops, seriously consider giving them the armor kit. With the quantity of attacks out there these days, every little bit of saves you get helps.

I took CD all the way to Chicago last year, it was a fun ride. Didn’t do it this year though, for a few reasons.