[Archive] Are you buying - GTA IV?


Hi there Off-Topic :cheers

Well as the thread subject is telling, this is all about why you wanna buy GTA IV - and the reason why you wanna have it’ in your collection of games.

I’ll go first:
- As an old time gamer og the GTA series (having the all, well I have sold my PSP versions - Liberty/Vice City Stories).
- Of course its’ always great to return to Liberty City, and now in an bigger more New York a-like version. According to the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine (UK edition), “to get from one side of the new and improved Liberty City to the other will take you at least an hour.” If this is the truth, well Cool :slight_smile:
- After the initial load sequence, there are no loading occurrences during gameplay. A Rockstar claimed, “you can basically play the game from beginning to end without a single load screen.” Again if this really is true, another thinge giving it + in my book.
- More Environment Action then ever, with the ability to climbing telephone poles and fire escapes, pushing people who bump into him, calling women for dates, playing pool, darts, bowling, eating, and drinking. As well heavy fire will scar - and permanently destroy - parts of the environment.

Okay okay, I’ll stop for now. But hey, I hope you’ll join me on this :slight_smile:
- Okay there are one more little reason, I hope to be the owner of one of the Limited/Collecters Editions of the Game

Cheers Merchant :cheers

Captain Crayon:

the short answer is yes.

the slightly longer answer is I am buying an XBOX 360 especially for the game.

I’ve been addicted since GTA 1, hated liberty city stories and have played san andreas to within an inch of its life :slight_smile:


Okay… hmmm we are only two, who wanna buy GTA4…


I’m buying it becouse it’s a new freakin’ GTA game! and for a real console! I’m so getting it to PS3!