[Archive] Are you looking for OOP games?


NOTE: I hope this doesnt violate forum rules.

I have a guy that might be able to help you. He had the Warhammer Quest game i was looking for. I promised I would advertise a little business for him on here because I figured if you guys need anything, he might be able to help.

Let me know if there are other out-of-print titles you are looking for, as I have access to quite a number of collections, collectors, and other businesses.
So if you need a game that is OOP, he will be able to help you get it.

Email him at sales@familyfunhobbies.com

Pyro Stick:

Would he be able to get Man o War and for how much?


give him a email. see what he can do.


I could use a Space Hulk game and the standard EBAY frog guy always wants way too much… OOP or not, anything over 70 bucks just puts it out of reach for me…


This doesn’t break any rules, but is better suited in the Market Place forum,


if you are looking for OOP minis, he might be also able to help you. i didnt ask him about those, but i would think he would try to see if he can find them to help increase his business.