[Archive] Are your Christmas decorations up yet?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

My neighbours brought out their transparent, LED-sparkling reindeers recently, I’m pretty sure this will start the decoration arms-race around here soon. I will have to get decoration first, then organize a Christmas tree. This will be the first year I actually have one (because when I was still living in my small city appartment there was hardly any space for one, nor did I bother to get one anyway).

Thommy H:

I’ve done 90% of my Christmas shopping already.


The lights are now hanging properly from my gutters. The stupid “no ladder” clips didn’t work at all. I used the ladder to fix the mess they left of broken plastic and loose lights.

Hashut’s Blessing:

yeah, i get a bit sick of seeing decorations and hearing damn xmas songs by the time 25th actually get here.
I heard some xmas songs on about the 20th October, that is stupidly early.

Always amuses me when they say something like only 108 shopping days left to Christmas!!!!
Does that actually make anyone buy then and there??

Here's a question, anyone here actually bought a gift yet? (i'd be scared if anyone was already done)

I have previously heard them starting in late July...

Secondly, I've already wrapped all of mine (bar one that I'm waiting to arrive). In fairness, I only had to get a few and I started early because I only have a trickle of money coming in, most of which is going straight to expenses and I spend it if I have any, so had to make sure I was getting them when I could.