[Archive] Armor for Hobos?

Alan the evil:

I’m starting to think that armor on hobbos make sense depending on the fielding of unit.
If I want to stop some unit in the center of deployment, unit of hobbos works well with general and BSB within 12’’. we don’t need to spend points on a disposable unit when the only thing we ask to it is to stand one turn… with Ld 10 of general and rerolling test they usually stand (if we are talking about units of 20 hobbos).
It’s different if we talk about flanks.
Usually there are fast and no sso heavy enemy units. Put armor and shield on them make sense because, with 3 ranks, suffer less casualties could help to win combat and reach the flank.
It could be good spend some points for musician (general could be far away), maybe champion, but not standard because it values more than the whole unit.
I starting to use unit of 10 hobbos for bait and flee…
but with a reliable army like CD, base my strategy’s turn on a unit that doesn’t move if it fail a animosity test could be counterproductive… and so it was in last games.
So my idea is
20 naked hobbos deployed in center of the field if we have BSB
10 naked hobbos deployed in center of the field if we haven’t BSB
20 hobbos with l/a + sh + musician on flanks

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I would say that if you want the Hobbo’s to survive a little longer, then give them some armour. The naked ones seem like just a meat shield and nothing more.