[Archive] Armoured bear!



Might be useful for some interesting conversions, theres a version with just legs too.

I’ve seen dwarfs riding bears, why not evil dwarfs on cyber bears?

have ordered from Ramshackle quite a few times, great people.


There a bit too futuristic for me although if you convert and paint them up right then they would look pretty sweet. If you do order them then it would be intresting to see what you do with them.


definitely to cyborg as opposed to armoured, but on a second look whilst hiding the rider from view I would take the mouth pipe away and the vents and it probably wouldn’t look to bad. I let my son use grenadier and reaper bears as brown bear dwarf cavalry comparable to Chaos knights and b.e.e.e.p thanes on “grizzly” bears from the kislev boyar rules.


I think they would make awesome cheep alternatives for Imperial guard sentinel walker.


Bikes for a Polar Bear SM chapter :stuck_out_tongue: