[Archive] Army book authors


I’ve made a list of all the authors for 6th and 7th ed (so far).  If anyone spots any that are wrong let me know.  They are not in any particular order.

6th EditionDwarfs		              Gav Thorpe, Alessio Cavatore
Lizardmen            Anthony Reynolds
Skaven               Alessio Cavatore
High Elves           Jake Thornton, Space McQuirk
Dark Elves           Gav Thorpe
Wood Elves           Anthony Reynolds, Mat Ward
Bretonnians          Anthony Reynolds
Tomb Kings           Alessio Cavatore, Gav Thorpe, Anthony Reynolds
Vampire Counts       Alessio Cavatore
Hordes of Chaos      Gav Thorpe, Rick Priestley, Anthony Reynolds, Alessio Cavatore
Beasts of Chaos      Gav Thorpe
Ogre Kingdoms        Phil Kelly
Empire               Alessio Cavatore
Orcs and Goblins     Rick Priestley and Jake Thornton7th EditionDwarfs (6.5)         Pete Haines
Lizardmen            Andy Hoare, Robin Cruddace
High Elves           Adam Troke
Dark Elves           Gav Thorpe
Vampire Counts       Gav Thorpe
Warriors of Chaos    Phil Kelly
Daemons of Chaos     Mat Ward
Empire               Graham McNeill
Orcs and Goblins     Mat Ward


Hard to believe that the Daemon book and the Orcs book were written by the same guy. Talk about going to opposite extremes.


I must admit I was surprised to see Adam Troke and Graham McNeill in there as authors.  Is this their first venture into fantasy?


Hasn’t Graham McNeill been a Black Library author for a while now?


Grim: Yeah, he has been. I don’t know how much fantasy he wrote, but I seem to recall him as one of the authors in the Horus Heresy books.

I find it interesting how two of the Tier 1 armies in fantasy were written by Gav Thorpe.