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Hi there.

Mi first post in the forum, after the presentation, and has to be with the color palette for my army.

As far as I know CD always had a lot of reds, metallics and black. Is ok as in the beginning they were Khorne’s servants so nothing to argue with this.

But I would like to paint my army with other colors, not the same.

Thinking in my army background, a thing that is very important for me, I decided to locate it in a northern fortress, very close to the Chaos Wastes. Some kind of old slavers/traders settlement that fell in to darkness. They dug to deep and they found a powerful Hashut demon beneath the earth. The group leader bowed loyalty to the creature so the creature possessed him/her. Now this possessed CD is the fortress Lord/Lady and have grown in power. Enough to be able to have some issues with the main fortress in the south.

More or less that is the basis of the history. Is more detailed and I hope it will grow much more in the future.

Back to the army, I plan to make a CD army using Tamurkhan list as base BUT plan to use it as “count as” chaos army. So in the future I will use my CD as chaos warriors, centaurs as ogre dragon, …

My plan is to create like a mix chaotic force and depend of the day I will use one army list or another. But at the moment only CD.

My issue here again is the army colors. Red is not bad but I would like to do something different. I though in bluish armor with golden details for the leaders and the cool guys and silver/brass details for the main troops. Maybe is a bit Tzeentch style so don’t know.

To many ideas and none of them is completely satisfactory.

So what doy you think guys? any idea for a northern and more chaotic army colors??



Best advice I can give you is: “what are your favourite colors? Paint your minis according to the answer you give to this question”.

No, honestly, when I started my army I thought “my favourite color is orange, and I like to paint reds & golds a lot.” There, my color scheme was ready!

You said you don’t want to use the “classic Chaos colors” on your Chaos Dwarfs? Good, then take pink, blue, red, green and black out of the equation. You are left with purple, orange, brown, yellow, white, gray… Just pick the one you like the best :cheers


Nice background. :slight_smile:

Bluish armour will work fine. CDs look good in more colours than just red and black. The Tzeentch similarity can’t be avoided but shouldn’t be important to you. The thing is, most colours that are easy to paint to a good look are associated with some Chaos god or another. One would have to strike out for grey, brown, yellow, white or orange to avoid it completely. Go for whatever suits your tastes and look best.

Also, nice plan to use them as proxy WoC. Will you achieve this by magnetizing bases/models, or perhaps by special movement trays?


Welcome to CDO. I like your first post, good story, toughts, ideas and then asking for advice. That is the way to go! Sending you some slaves for that.

My army is purple / dark brass. I love the colours, they give a good evil look! And work very as a contrast for lava and fire. Check it out in my armyblog.

I like and support Skinks advice. Go with whatever colours you like, they will fit whatever theme you want. The main thing is, you are gonna paint a lot of dudes - so you have to like it.

Look i the army blog section of the forum. Green/gold, purple/silver, all metal, red/gold, brown/rust - all manner of theme.

Perhaps consider the theme around your minitures. An old outpost, high in the northern mountains is cool. Perhaps rocks, ice and snow That work very well with a blue colour.


Your idea reminds me of the rackham style http://s914.photobucket.com/user/RackhamMiniatures/media/Dwarfs%20-%20Tir-Na-Bor/KhorKnightsofUren.jpg.html


Thanks for the comments guys.

Thinking about you said you’re right, I need to focus in the colors I like and the idea I have. I have to work a bit in my army background although the main idea is what I wrote. So thinking in that; a semi-independent fortress, more Chaotic and near to corruption I’ll avoid the typical fire and maybe use an alternative, like magic fire, disformity fire, … Don’t know yet.

But I’ve decided, nearly 100%, the main armor color; Incubi darkness. As I want a cold appearance that color is very nice; is dark, is cold and is an estrange mix of green, blue and grey. Will see how it is, I will put pictures.

Your idea reminds me of the rackham style http://s914.photobucket.com/user/RackhamMiniatures/media/Dwarfs%20-%20Tir-Na-Bor/KhorKnightsofUren.jpg.html

You’re right. In fact the fortress history will be, more or less, like Mid Nor’s history. I have a lot of mini from that faction and want to include some of them in the army.


I ended up looking at old footy team jerseys to help pick out my colours. A team you like will probably have colours you will like.


Or vice versa…you like the colors because you associate them with your favorite team ;-). Friend of mine also painted his Imperials in the colors of the football team he`s fan of.


Now is when I say I don’t like football or sports XD


No sports ;)?

Can`t recommend this ;).

But there is also the possibility to look at the heraldry of your home town or country or some other medieval banners. Lots of options :cheers. I am looking forward to what colors you will choose!


I am painting now one Russian Alternative hero and after him I will paint my first infernal guard unit. So time to test my ideas. I will put pictures here to show you and have some feedback. :slight_smile: