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so since this is my first MAJOR overhaul conversion and painting army, i plan to throw together a nice army portfolio for it. i will keep one, and give one to every opponent at tournaments. im not sure how i should structure it though. here is what i plan on including:

My Army List

My Background

All 4 Magic Lores

All Current Chaos Dwarf Rulings, Army List, Errata, Etc.

Individual Unit/Character Backgrounds

WIP pics of each unit/character (green stuff)

Finished pics of each unit/character (painted)

Army Photo on Display Base

and obvioiusly at the end a thank you page dedicated to CDO and WWHFB for making the whole thing possible, and a "if you have questions or would like to discuss this army further, contact me on CDO or WWHFB as Malificant"

but i dont know what order to put everything in, or if i should put something else in. help me out here.

BTW, this is the first in a series of 3 armies i plan on doing, all will be linked by an ongoing story which will contribute to their individual theme. the next 2 will be either orcs or ogres, then wood elves.


bump anyone???

Pyro Stick:

People might think you are a bit weird but it should be good advertising to popularise the army and the forum.


well, i figure a few things here. first, when the tournament organizer gets something like that it will give me some style points, plus alot of tournaments have you explain the theme of your army to your opponent before judging theme/comp/appearance. this solves the problem. plus advertising for CDO and WWHFB, as well as drawing new players to chaos dwarves.

that and i think it will look cool.

plus, when i sell this army online (im having so much fun converting it i might have to sell it and start over) the buyer will get a fun suprise. plus, when they bring it to a tourney then someone who played me before will KNOW it is my army first!:sick

ill work on getting it cooked up and post it here in stages, then the finished product.



I understand giving all the current Chaos Dwarf rules and the background for your army. I havent sen anyone exchange army lists at a tourney, then they know all the magic items you have. Imagine a Night Goblin player giving you his list- then you know which unit has fanatics.

Your opponent should have the basic WHFB rulebook(or what’s he doing at a tourney??) so he should have access to the basic Magic Lores.

As to pictures of your army, he can see the army right in front of him while you thrash him!!! HAIL HASHUT!!

Maybe two different types of porfolios. One with just the basics(rules, background,etc.) for your opponent. The second for show with all the nice pics (all the bells & whistles!) for show & the Tourney judges to see.

It could get expensive also, depending on how nice the porfolios are. Its a great idea though!


well, its first off a suevineer. and every tourny i have been to has you exchange army lists. we have a very relaxes rtt tourny environment by me.


Sounds like an interesting idea, it would be nice to see it.


well, its first off a suevineer.��and every tourny i have been to has you exchange army lists.��we have a very relaxes rtt tourny environment by me.

Strange. So all surprises are out the window. Fanatics, Assassins, Van Horstam's Speculum, Rune of Immolaion,etc. are all known in advance.

I think your portfolio idea is great, I've never seen anyone exchange something like that.


idk, i geuss in our environment gimicks dont really work well anyhow. fanatics are easilly enough delt with and i never worry about them anyhow, vanhorstmans is going to be almost a given in an empire army, so id be expecting it, and assassins hide in units which keeps suprises going.

i just think doing the portfolio shows i care about the hobby as a whole, not just one aspect or another, or that i didnt buy the army on ebay.


“Where there is a whip, there is a way!” :idea

That’s from the old “The Lord of the Rings” cartoon. (the Fellowship??)

The Goblins & Orcs being forced to march to war. “We don’t wanna go to war today…” :h I know because I got that for my 8 yr. old son to watch. Pretty appropriate for Chaos Dwarves. :hat off