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So one of the main armies I come up against is Daemons of Chaos, quite frankly, I lose everytime. Now I don’t always lose horribly, but everytime I have lost. I have found several things to be very helpful.

1. Earthshaker Cannon rocks, especially from Slanesh daemons. Last game I played I kept his fiends and daemonettes from hitting me until round 3. Keep his daemonettes from hitting you, especially your flank.

2. Rank 'em up- basically groups of 25 are good. You want to be able to take some hits so that you can win in combat resolution. As said earlier in other threads in this forum, combat resolution is about the only way to for sure a win against a daemon army.

3. Blunderbuss - this may purely be because I love blunderbuss. I feel that the ability to stand and shoot against daemons gives you just that little extra against daemons. The ability to take out a few, or quite possibly a lot, I have take out eight of 15 daemonettes, which all were hit. So basically he rolled horribly, but still on average I take out 3 bloodletters/daemonettes per time I get charged. So I usually end up winning combat resolution, because I have taken out some of his last rank.

4. Bolt throwers - especially for higher games. Fiends/bloodcrushers/greater daemons. With the mandatory 4 bolt throwersn you should be able to take out several wounds of all of those. Just hope that you don’t take out two of three wounds for each of the fiends and then they hit you…

5. Death rocket - last game I playerd, I made a total of 7 wounds with all four of my bolt throwers, yes I rolled bad, but my deathrocket made a total of 14 wounds with my death rocket :slight_smile: I made a lucky scatter right in the center of a big block of bloodletters.

6. Goblin wolf riders - now I am not sure how useful they are, all I know is I took off way to one flank, and made on group of daemonetted follow me and end up dying but the daemonettes were so far to the end of the table, that they were not able to do anything else the rest of the game.

I have a few questions though.

1. Furries- I hate them. How do you deal with them, I was thinking goblin wolf riders with bows?

2. Naked Hobgobbos - how should these be used?

This is all I can think about for now keep posting, hopefully a mod will move this…


You bring up a lot of interesting points. I intended to start this thread a few days ago but lost the impetus halfway through writing it.

The Earthshaker is definitely the most critical part of the operation. With the exception of wizards (and really only tzeentch wizards, since nurgle magic is pretty crummy and overpriced against dwarves and slaanesh magic is pretty bad against high leadership guys) the entire army needs to get to you to hurt you. Defend the Earthshaker with loads of durable core and they’ll be very annoyed with you.

I agree having large numbers of dudes in your core is pretty important, but not so much for static combat res. Demons are pretty all or nothing in combat - if you get hit by a bunch of bloodcrushers or beasts of nurgle, your static combat res isn’t going to get you far. However, having enough guys that you don’t autobreak to fear is important, provided that the unit is receiving a solid general leadership (or made of dwarves) and you’re somewhere near a BSB.

Blunderbusses are amazing against demons. Aside from nurgle stuff demons are actually really flimsy targets, and fold up to blunderbuss fire pretty quickly.

As for bolt throwers… ehh… Most of the demon players around here have picked up on how stupid Epidemius is, and use a bunch of nurgle stuff to maximize him. Bolt Throwers won’t even really touch this sort of thing, and are much much better for shooting at, say, greater demons and bloodcrushers. I think shooting fiends would be fine too, for sure, but generally speaking unless it’s an all slaanesh army there’s something with a bigger payoff to aim at.

I’ve never had luck with my death rockets against demons. Of any flavor. It’s always just dead weight.

Wolf riders have a really specific purpose, and usually that purpose is to lead enemy heavy cav off the table. If you can get bloodcrushers, fiends, beasts of nurgle, or pleasureseekers to chase your wolves around for a few turns, they’ve done their job and more. Try not to think about how many points they’re not earning (unless you give them bows and they shoot out some pleasureseekers along the way…) but how many points your opponent is not earning every turn that those heavy cav units aren’t mauling your battle line.

So, to get to your questions:

1) Furies are really weak, and aside from being skirmished don’t really have any defense from shooting. Light em up with hobgoblin bowmen, arrer boyz, or whatever else you’ve got handy. If you’re really worried about your artillery getting furied, you could always just stick some troops right next to it, and have them slide in front of it when furies show up. Just make sure there isn’t enough space to fit enemy models between your artillery crew and your defensive unit and they’ll have to charge something that’s really bad for them.

2) Naked hobbos I contest table quarters with. Failing that, they’re good to angle in front of things to give you flank charges, as normal. They make good artillery defenders as above, since your opponent will rarely have the unit strength to make them flee on a failed fear test (and they actually stand a decent chance to stick around against furies, and even kill some of them…)

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