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Hey folks!

For my GCSE Art final peice, we have all been given a choice of 7 topics to base our work on. Having shown my sculpts to my teahcer before ‘an almost toothless ex-hippie who smells of whiskey and cigs, but we love him all the same’, before we were given the questions, he strongly reccomended i do something to do with sculpturing for my final piece.

However…ALL of the questions asked were…to be frank…rubbish, none of them i wanted to do! Then…an idea hit me…

One of the topics was ‘Real Life’, and i thought i could sculpt a fight scene, or just a single model, of some warrior/s from back in history. Thing is, i am completely stumped for exactly who i could do!

So i decided to turn to my good friends on here for adivce :wink:

What historical figure, or race, would be a good choice for this sculpture? I will be doing it quite alot bigger than the warhammer sclae…at about 3-4 inches high.

Thanks for your help!

- Warplock :cheers


This has always been an interesting note in history, IMO, so here’s an idea:

The Celt Brennus demanding more money from his defeated roman adversaries, after the Celts sacked Rome. “Vae Victus” he says. Woe to the conquered…

The Romans were forced to pay a ransom to the invading Celts and it was measured out on a large pair of scales. On one side, a butt load of gold, on the other, a load of weights. It was even and then Brennus places his sword on the scales and demanded more money. When the Romans complained he said "Vae Victus…"

Or, on a semi-related note:

The romans purging Anglesey of the druids. The Romans were keen to remove the spiritual leaders of the Britons and the easiest way to do it was to assault Anglesey and kill all of the druid caste who lived there, since it was a spiritual place. Of course, this action just pissed the Britons off and made them fight harder, which led to the uprising of Boudicca and so on.

And finally, closer to your home:

When King Harald Godwinson fought the Vikings at the battle of Stamford Bridge, a single viking warrior held the bridge for something like 2 hours against the entire Saxon army. The bridge was too narrow for many Saxons to attack him at a time and he bested all who tried. It wasn’t until a Saxon found a coracle or boat and floated under the bridge and speared him did the Viking fall.

I think this is a real history “Warhammer” moment and would make for a great diorama.

But I digress…