[Archive] Artisan's #5 Winners


Here are the winners!

1st place and Gold Artisan’s medal goes to: Thommy H

2nd place and Silver Artisan’s medal goes to: SteveM

3rd place and Bronze Artisan’s medal goes to: Wallacer

Final votes

Entry 2: 8 44.44%

Entry 7: 6 33.33%

Entry 1: 4 22.22%

Entry Key

Entry 1: - Wallacer

Entry 2: - ThommyH

Entry 3: - NIcodemus

Entry 4: - Loki

Entry 5: - Scion

Entry 6: - Patrikson

Entry 7: - SteveM

Entry 8: - Grimstonefire

Entry 9: - Hashut’s Blessing

Entry 10: - GRNDL

Entry 11: - Pyro Stick

Entry 12: - torn

Entry 13: - Revlid

Medals and Slaves will be awarded now.

Thommy H:


Thanks to everyone who voted for my entry. I knew going into this that if I couldn’t win a creative writing contest I’d never win anything! So thanks for reaffirming my self-belief, everyone.

There were some great entries in this contest and I genuinely feel like it was a legitimate achievement to win. I pushed hard for this kind of contest when I was fortunate enough to be party to some of the discussions regarding it, and the strength and number of the entries made me very happy I’d done so. Wallacer’s entry in particular I felt sure would beat mine (I voted for it in both rounds) but I could definitely have seen a few others emerging the winner too.

So, congratulations to everyone involved and thanks again :cheers


I don’t normally give stuff away regarding future peaks into the Word of Hashut but looks like there needs to be more room made for the issue :wink:

Great work everyone.


Congratulations Thommy H, SteveM and Wallacer! Nicely done all!



Well deserved guyz!!! Especially Thommy H, you are a very good writer, will we be enjoy anohter tale of yours in WOH???


Thank you all who participated and/or read the entries and voted.  Special thanks to Tommy H whos stories in WoH were very inspiring to me.


Congratulation to all the authors for their creative potential! :hat off

Thommy H you are a worthy winner! :cheers

One question to the authors: Have you longer versions of your stories? If so could you post them? IMO would be very interesting to read it! :slight_smile:


Thommy H:

Well deserved guyz!!! Especially Thommy H, you are a very good writer, will we be enjoy anohter tale of yours in WOH???

Thank you, and thanks to everyone else who said kind words, especially SteveM - there is no higher compliment for a writer than the one you just paid me, especially from the person who came second in this competition.

There won't be anything new in terms of fiction from me in the coming issue of WoH, though I'm assuming that my entry in this competition will find its way in. I've written a few things for it though - a small fluff piece accompanying some rules, for example - but I've really been too busy recently to commit to anything else.

I'm probably going to ask Willmark if I can start another series soon though, possibly with the same characters, or maybe something different.


Grats guys, I really enjoyed reading the entries for this artisans comp :slight_smile:

So, whens the illustration version Willmark? :slight_smile:


Congrats for the winners. :smiley: