[Archive] Artisan's #7 Winner


Congrats Baggronor! I really liked your artwork, it received my vote, although it has been difficult to decide because of forgefire’s awesome entry…

Regarding Bassman’s question: pencil, ink, and Ecoline (you can find em in any colorshop in Milan), it’s a sort of… “chemical water colors”… Dunno the name in english


Good to hear not everybody works with computers but the good old way :slight_smile:

Congrats Skink, one of the best entries.

I know Ecoline, I use them a lot for my drawings. Ecoline really rock.


Very nice stuff guys, hats off!:hat off


Cheers guys, a really nice selection of entries, I think they should adorn the CDO Games Day table like Xander says :)

Thanks Bassman! First i did a simple sketch with standard pencils and scanned it, after that i painted it digitally in photoshop with a drawing tablet.

I've printed both of your entries for the CDO Games Day table!


Needz moar skullz!!

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well done Baggronor excellent work! :slight_smile: