[Archive] Artisan's Contest XXI - Winners


Artisan’s Contest XXI
Chaos Dwarf Boardgames!
It’s time to announce the winners of Artisan’s Contest XXI. Excellent, high quality entries we had this time - and it shows in the voting.

All entries have multible votes! All the non winning entries, are only one or two votes from claiming a medal. Very good work gentlemen!

First Place: Daith and his game Squig Ball!

Congratulations Daith, good work. Please contact Jackswift in order to get your price.

Second Place Admiral and the Starcage
Congratulations on even more bling!

Third Places Dinadan / Towers of Zharr-Nagrund and Cornixt / Climb the Ziggurat.

Good job gentlemen.

Here’s the full list of entries in the competition.

1. Towers of Zharr-Nagrund By Dinadan

2. Climb The Ziggurat
by Cornixt

3. Hashut’s Arena of Chaos by WillLiam

4. Squig Squall by Daith

5. Will of Hashut by Enjoys Random

6. Trials Combat Chamber by Abecedar

7. Starcage by Admiral

Archieve containing all entries here: Link

Remember our very own Jackswift have donated a mighty fine prize for the 1st place in this competition.

10 metal miniatures from Russian Alternative. The Dwarfs of Fire Canyon with Harqebuses.

A big thank you to Jackswift! You should consider sending him some slaves.

If you want to contribute with prizes for this or future competitions, please contact Bloodbeard or Admiral.

On behalf of the Staff




Allot of really fun entries, excellent showing all around :hat off


Congradulations everyone. When do the winners put there games into production


Well done folks, and congratulations on medals to those who made the cut. There’s lots of worthy stuff in there and some imaginative original ideas. We’ll have Chaos Dwarf boardgames to play for years to come now.

Great turnout! :hat off

However, while I have to thank those who voted for me, I’m very surprised to make it to a medal place at all, let alone silver, especially with so many more decidedly better entries around. I’m lousy with rules and games and this shows on tabletop and whenever I try to tinker with something in that vein. Although I had some vague idea of using a Chaos star for a board and wanted to make something odd, what you see in Starcrage is the following:

A non-playtested boardgame written virtually last-minute before deadline since no better ideas had presented themselves. Almost all of the movement rules etc. were made up on the spot with little to no prior planning since game design is a weak area of the maker to say the least. Given that I couldn’t produce a good, balanced boardgame, I just went for something clashing and wild on the Daemon half of the rules, as could be expected of freak Chaos. Starcage was made in primitive MS Paint, and it shows! I’ll have to try it out now that people liked it.

Also glanced at the Royal game of U-r (CDO autocorrects U-r without the middle line into Your, sorry Sumerians) and Egyptian Senet, but never did anything in those directions. I had to apologize to Bloodbeard for submitting a retarded entry to his brilliant idea of a contest, but what the heck, the fun is in participating. Perhaps Starcage wasn’t a complete mess after all? Certainly not up to the level of the competition. Gaining silver here is proof that Dark Gods are indeed fickle!

So, did people really try out Starcage? How did you find it played like? :slight_smile:


Congrats to the winners! If I ever get my cards and tiles all complete I’ll repost my game.

It’s designed to be like the Dungeons and Dragons Adventure System Board Game - Castle Ravenloft only with more levelling and character progression to blend RPG with a board game experience.

And although the rules are quite complicated it’s easy to follow when you know how, has little set up and can be easily expanded on.

Just to note also none of the monster / heroes have been balanced enough for a single player experience but with tweaks I feel it will be a 1 - 6 player game could be a possibility.


Congrats everyone; knew we should have given the gold to Squigsquall first as last :wink:


Thanks so much for your votes and support for my game! I have been looking at this site for a long time and love the creativity these contests foster. This theme in particular got me quite excited, and I thought it was such an amazing theme that had to create a game and join the forum.

Admiral, it sounds like you are pretty hard on your own game. There are many positive things to be said for simplicity and clarity. Whether your game was play tested or not, you have a knack for inspiring and creative ideas and this shows in your game, even if you feel if it was overly simplistic and unbalanced.

To other boardgame creators, great games! I did not get a chance to play through all of them thoroughly, but I very much enjoyed reading through the rules and seeing what other people came up with.


Congrats chaps. Well deserved. :wink:


Congrats to the winners :hat off! Some great ideas throughout. I definitely need to get around to playtesting some of these. Well done to all the participants as well! :cheers:cheers


Hehe, thanks Daith. Got to try it out now. Squigsquall is a worthy winner and a great idea in the first place!


Congratulations to all participations! Squig Ball is a worth winner for sure, I cried tears of laughter reading the rules :-).


I’m going to be launching squigs over my bloodbowl field! Congrats on the win.