[Archive] Artisan's IX - Regiment of Renown


Welcome all to Artisan�?Ts IX!

What to enter?

The theme for this Artisans is to write a complete rules set and some background for a Chaos Dwarf themed Regiment of Renown.  

It is important that people consider the context in which the entry may be appropriate is going to vary from person to person.  A Regiment of Renown may be appropriate for the Dwarfs of Chaos list, but may be stupendously unbalanced if considered in the context of the Ravening Hordes list.  

So to try and be even handed we want people to be open minded and try and think of an entry that could be used in any CD list (or fanlist) instead of any one in particular.  This means that those who are not familiar with a particular fan list can still discuss it.


The deadline for the submission of entries is 2nd January 2011 11:59pm EST.  

Only enter if you are happy with the rules as they are stated below.

Rules of the Competition

Each member may only enter once.

Seeing as it would be all too easy to present �?~cool�?T rules that are incomplete or seriously unbalanced, this competition has to have a fair few more rules than usual:

You MUST have the following per entry:

1.  You must state the classification of the unit, which must be one of the following:  Infantry, Monstrous Infantry, Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry or War Beast.  You cannot have mixed units.

2.  You must state which slot it falls into; Core, Special or Rare in a Chaos Dwarfs/Dwarfs of Chaos army.  If other armies can take them you can state this, but you must state which category they are for the CD as a minimum.

3.  The unit must conform to the typical minimum unit size for each classification:

Infantry (core for CD army):  10+

Infantry (special or rare for CD army):  5+

Cavalry:  5+

Monstrous Infantry: 3+

Monstrous Cavalry: 3+

War Beasts: 5+

Obviously if you want to state a maximum that’s up to you.

4.  Basic points cost for the minimum unit size (the base cost before all upgrades or options) must be included.  This includes any named champions.

5.  Basic Points cost for any additional models.  

6.  The cost for upgrading command models.  A named champion should be included in the basic points total in point 4 above and not as an upgrade.  If you have a named musician or standard bearer you can include them either in the basic total in point 4 above or as an upgrade.

7.  A profile for everything in the unit including mounts if there are any.  This must follow the GW format. M WS BS S T W I A Ld etc

8.  If the unit is armed with a missile or combat weapon that is not a weapon type in the 8th Edition Warhammer rulebook, the rules for this must be described.

9.  If the unit have any special rules that are not in the 8th Edition Warhammer rulebook, the rules for this must be described.

If your entry does not include all the above by the deadline it will probably not be included.  I may consider an entry if it’s 99% of the way there and only needs a couple of things adding quickly.  No promises though.

Optional things

You may include 0 - 3 Optional unit upgrades (aka �?~Options�?T) per entry.  These cannot be for a named champion (it is assumed that his weapons/ equipment are already stated and cannot be upgraded, a regular un-named champion will obviously need to be included as usual) and must each have a points cost.  For example, a shield, heavy armour, or a pistol.  A magic banner is not a unit upgrade (it’s a standard bearer one) and would not take one of these 3 options.  You can include a specific magic banner if you want, made up or not, however, you may not include a general points allowance for the unit to have a magic banner (as RoR don’t do this afaik).

You can include a named champion for your regiment.  They may have an additional wound and not count as a hero.

You cannot include lord or hero level characters (or special characters), or anything with more than 1 wound over the basic unit type.


The background part is optional, but I suggest you include something as everyone else probably will. :wink:

There is a 1000 maximum word limit on this.  This doesn’t include any rules descriptions (e.g. what the ‘Iron Will’ rule is).  Though fluff descriptions of things like magic banners etc, or the fluff behind rules will be included in this total.

Anything over the 1000 words will be deleted, starting with rules fluff (things like what the ‘Hashut’s Chosen’ rule is fluffwise or how a magic banner looks etc), before deleting from the background section.

Other Stuff


Spelling, punctuation and grammar will not be corrected.

Unlike the last time we ran this, as long as people include all the things above there isn’t a specific format required.  Note that I will amend all entries to be the same format regardless of how they are sent.

Unless by specific permission, nothing can be changed after the deadline.

How to Enter?

Submit your entry by an email attachment to cdostaff@hotmail.co.uk.  You must have your CDO user name in the title or text of your message so we know who you are!

Do not post it in the forum.

How will this be judged?

On 5th or 6th January we will have an  open poll for people to vote for the entry they like best.  This is a unit creation competition, so people are free to judge however they want.  If the rules impress you, or the background, maybe how fun or original it is, you can vote freely.  It will be a 10 day timed poll to decide the winner(s).

Just to be clear on this, an entry with what some consider to be unbalanced rules can win if enough people vote for it. :wink:

If there are more than 10 entries there will be Silver and Bronze Artisan’s medals.

Judging a competition with a rules element is unlike any other sort of judging, it requires people to use both common sense and their gaming knowledge and experience to find the strengths and weaknesses of every entry.

To help people with this we have designed a list of categories that people could use to help them decide.  You are not required to use this list at all.  

  • Use of Language (is it professionally written?)

  • Playability (are the rules streamlined?)

  • Balance (are the rules and points fair and do they adhere to typical GW design?)

  • Fun (do the rules make for a fun experience?)


Sorry guys for the rules being fairly long winded.  The things I included are all things that can be simply addressed, so it’s not too complex really.  Hopefully people won’t be put off entering.

Especially the formatting this time around, which is easier for all of you.

At a basic level people can just copy something from the RH list and give them some fluff.  You wouldn’t score very highly for imagination but it would be fine to do that, especially if people haven’t designed rules before.

If anyone has a specific question about the rules, or about an entry they are considering that may be outside of the rules above please pm me and don’t presume if it is unanswered in this thread that it is ok. :wink:



Sounds great!! Great writing and play testing everyone!



Banner added! :wink:

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Uhm… Even though I’m happy to see another Artisan contest and I can’t wait to read the entries… We’ve already done this. Thommy H was the winner and the rules for Gozzadini and Kazharn arer in WoH#8 if I’m correct. I was expecting something new…


Uhm... Even though I'm happy to see another Artisan contest and I can't wait to read the entries... We've already done this. Thommy H was the winner and the rules for Gozzadini and Kazharn arer in WoH#8 if I'm correct. I was expecting something new...

No that was not an "official" one, that was a mini contest I ran. :hat off


It’s got me thinking, and that is a dangerous thing.


I was looking forward to trying to build something. :frowning:


HmmMmm… That’s an interesting one wasn’t expecting that!


Sounds cool!

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Golder Goldeater:

Ehm…Forgive my ignorance but I didn’t really understand the subject.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do we have to model a new DOW unit of CDs and write some rules for them or what?


Nope, no models and no art. Just the rules, profiles and fluff.

Sound cool, might have a go.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Writing rules for a unit and not being allowed to include artwork… how booooooooooooring! :wink:

Although this clearly favours those whose 1st language is English I might still give it a try, though.

Da Crusha:

I was looking forward to trying to build something. :(

+1. Im pretty dissapointed


We try and alternate between building stuff, stories, rules and art to cater to the most people, as some people will only be interested in one out of four.  This isn’t a hard and fast rule btw on what is coming next, we haven’t given it any thought yet. :wink:

Anyone interested in the fluff side of this and not the rules can just write a short story about the unit and use rules straight from the RH/ Dwarfs of Chaos/ other fanlist.  You’d have to type them all out in full, as people may not know all the rules for the list you’re using.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Just had a spark of an idea. Now to figure out how to implement it!

Thommy H:

Can I just enter what I wrote to win the other competition?

Also: it’s “Renown”, not “Reknown”.


@Tommy - I’m guessing that’s a no as that would be ‘re-known’ :smiley:

Nice idea, but its a shame about the no art or pictures rule, would have liked to have all the bits a normal unit for ROR would.

I’ll still enter none the less!


Cheers for spotting that.  No, this has to be something people haven’t entered in a competition before.  Besides, where’s the fun in that!? :wink:

From what I remember you’d be needing a few more people to make your last one a unit anyway.


And, probably, entries written with beautiful calligraphy on hand-made parchment, illuminated with home-made dyes and pigments won’t be allowed…