[Archive] Artisan's VII - Voting Thread


Presented below are the 6 entries we received for this competition.

How to vote
Choose your favourite entry and select it in the poll above.

This is a 10 day timed poll, after which it will automatically close and we will start a new thread to announce the winner.  As there were less than 10 entries there will only be a gold medal awarded.

Sorry for the random sizes.  Entry 5 is too big to be loaded as an attachment, and I thought I’d save you all waiting years for the page to load.

Incase anyone is wondering, I painted out where people had signed with their user names. ;)  If this is an issue for people they will need to state which is theirs.




Tough one: both option 2 and 3 really appeal to me. Hmmm, will have to ponder onthis one.

“Come, Pinky!”


Wow, excellent work everyone! I’m continually blown over by the amazing talent on display here on CDO.

May I offer a big congratulations and a equally big thank-you to all of the entrants.



Damn I’m going to have to think this one over, great stuff guys!


Very well done - all of you.

I really like them all. All black and white concept sketches shows some very interesting elements of the chaos dwarfs - and hopefully some of the talanted sculptors will pick up some of these ideas. And the coloured entries - wow! Awesome creations. Though call - I can only pisk one - right? :smiley:


Great works guys and gals (?)! :cheers

Though there are (only) six entries you can see a wide variety of painting styles and views on the CDs! :hat off

All in all very impressive - hope I will see many more paintings in the future! :smiley:



There are some great entrys here, great work you guys… It will be a though job to decide what to vote for.


Congratulations to all those who entered! If you do not mind, I saved some of the drawings and they will decorate my desktop :hat off


This was a tough, tough choice but I really like some of the black and white ones too, excellent work guys.


Amazing work. I might have to print some of these for our CDO display at Games Day.


I really like all of them, so it was a tough decision :slight_smile: will we get big versions?


Yes this was a hard choice. Some really inspiring works :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Excellent work everyone! I don’t think I would have ever been able to paint or draw so well!


wou!! really good job, I must admit that there are some awesome draws

Ghrask Dragh:

Wow, amazing work on display here, it’s clear Chaos Dwarfs inspire all manner of artists to produce some really creative work.

Congratulations guys, great entries! :cheers


Gah I cant decide between 3 of them how evil !


Hats off to every one thats has entered such amazing art work :hat off Its going to take time as i like so many of them


AAAARGH!!! These are all amazing/wonderful/wicked!!! They are all worth to appear on a 1000 WoH covers… And I thought mine was a good entry (hides in shame)… Good job everybody, this is one of the best Artisan’s ever!:cheers


AAAARGH!!! These are all amazing/wonderful/wicked!!!!!!!!!! They are all worth to appear on a 1000 WoH covers... And I thought mine was a good entry (hides in shame)... Good job everybody, this is one of the best Artisan's ever!:cheers

you should not hide in shame Skink
i gave you my vote:)

but i wonder who gave me a vote?

Border Reiver:

Nice work to all the entrants