[Archive] Artists wanted!

Ghrask Dragh:

I’m converting a sorcerer on Lammasu, the sorcerer can be found in the conversions section, and need help with the lammasu!

I am not using the original head and planning to make one from green stuff. I have a few ideas but if there is anyone who has a concept sketch or a link/idea they think would work I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

The Flying Beaver:

Perhaps the old giant head with a sculpted beard? It’s roughly the size of the Lammasu head (I’ve seen giants where the lammasu head was used :))


Maybe a Bloodthirster head or a minotaur head?

The Slaver:

i always thought that the DE Manticore could serve as a rather good lammasu with a little green stuff


the 5th ed bloodthirster head is the most Lamassu like currently available