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Hi everyone!

I’m going to present my new army project for WBF.

I loved Chaos for many years , but the last book don’t like me for the useless of khorne faction , for that i have choose try the CD!

I never like the big hat style , but the older CD are very nice , little , full armoured chaos warriors!

For this reason i have start sculpt my army , the olds CDs are pretty but expansive  , but making 5-6 selfsculpted model i can product , cloning , an entire army for me and eventualy sell some model for recover a bit of money :hat off

Let’go with the photos!

My first CD work , the Chaos Cannon and his crew!

Green 2.0! the first versions are without feet. First 3!

Other 2 , the last is ready for the stamp product.

Here the first clones , based on green 1.0.

Blunderbluss and some feet.

Finaly the CD done! i used part of Chaos Marauder for change the standard position. the last one isa a warrior with 2 handed axe.

My first SneakyGitzs

I hope to show more later!


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Good stuff! :slight_smile: Are they resin?


Yes! :slight_smile:

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Holy Hashut, the quality of this forum is really increasing day after day…

Not my style but great! :slight_smile:


Wow you got them on here fast, Great work Asmodai1979 the cannon looks awesome i cant wait to see some of these painted :slight_smile:


Impressive GS skills… Like Bassman said the quality of this forum is rising day by day!!!


Awesome start. They are looking great :hat off

Hope you find the time to do a few painted prototypes, soon.

Keep it up.


Yes indeed great work!

I’m also keen to see more of your great stuff! :hat off

Even painted! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


PS Could you post some more pics of your Chaos Cannon!?!?!

Kera foehunter:

Wow !! what a great home made figures!!

love the cds


As Zanko said, more pictures of the huge gun! Do you have something painted? I’m curious…

Magari piazza il cannone vicino a una tigella per confrontare la dimensione… ehehehheh (o crescentina? L’eterna domanda…) :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol , i’ll post some new photo of cannon soonly as possible with other picture of my Avatar’s Demon Prince for grimstonefire.

Sorry but nothing at the moment is painted.

Bassman , non so quanto possa essere utile come confronto una tigella ^^ , troverò altro ^^


Nice greens and resins.You make it look so easy as others have said the quality on this site grows like a Chaos dwarfs beard .Great start to a forum blog :hat off


wow awesome start…why cant i work with gs like that?

what have you used for the sneaky git daggers?are that goblin bows?

centauro enano:

Welcome to the forum is nice to see new people around here, the barrel promises.


when you gonna start selling them?

(hint, hint)

Kera foehunter:

Yea !! is it going to be soon !! its Christmas  in 5 weeks


Hazkar , Right are bows!

I’ll put in market a post soon , after made the stamp for Hogoblin and the last dwarf.


For Grimstonefire.

Tomorrow Chaos Cannon!


WOW!great sculpted

how tall is that guy?he looks pretty huge on the pics?

do you could post a view on his back,please?


he is very pretty, i’m guessing he stand a fair few inches haigh