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Just a heads up that there’s an online campaign going on over at


Naturally I’ve signed up to play, anyone with a role-playing itch and a love of warhammer should probably give it a go.

here’s the description from the site:

It is the year IC 2527, five years after the coming of the Storm of Chaos and the ravaging of the Empire. Five long years in which the Empire has struggled to recover its lost strength and the forces of darkness have begun to regroup.

Yet the suffering of the Empire is not yet over. In the province of Nordland, the elves of the Laurelorn forest assemble. Provoked by the trespassing of villagers in their hunt for timber to rebuild and concerned by the dark forces advancing on the forest, the elves of the Laurelorn gather to remind their foes why they once feared to enter the woods.

The land is further troubled by news from the east of a greenskin horde rampaging across Ostland and heading west. The remnants of the Waaagh of Grimgor Ironhide, the horde has ravaged Ostland almost to the brink of utter destruction; the armies of the Empire must now march north to face this foe and put a stop to the woe it brings before it can cripple the Empire’s bulwark against the north.

This threat could not have come at a worse time for the Empire. In Middenland, the people mourn for the loss of their Elector Boris Todbringer, slain at the hand of his arch nemesis Khazrak the One-Eye. This tragedy has left the province desperately weakened and facing invasion on two fronts; not only the Orc Waaagh to the north-east, but more immediately threatening is the coalition of forces gathering to the south of Middenheim. Dark rumours talk of a shadowy figure known only as the Dagger of Shadows, a warrior who commands the loyalty not only of the beasts but also of foul rat-men, vampires, servants of the Dark Gods and foul daemons of the aethyr.

While the Empire faces two known foes in the open, others move in the shadows to corrupt and subvert. Brigands and outlaws, mercenaries, petty necromancers and warlords all flock to the banner of the one they call the Cockatrice. Little is known of this mysterious figure, or what those who follow him hope to accomplish. Gold? Glory and honour? Or something altogether more sinister? To the nobles of the Empire, these forces appear disorganised and unconnected and thus present no threat but little do they know that each ambush, each robbery, each raid is but one thread in the giant net woven by the Cockatrice. What he hopes to ensnare with this net is unknown, but with the forces that descend on the lands of the Empire it will not be long before the Cockatrice reveals his hand.

Boris Todbringer�?Ts son Hanil is now Elector but although capable, he is untried and untested. Under the advice of his spymaster Rilhert, the new Elector has established a temporary base at Carroburg rather than risk travelling through the Drakwald to reach Middenheim. Guided by the prophecies and premonitions of the captive witch-child Ikena, Rilhert follows the movements of the Empire�?Ts enemies and seeks to find a future in which the Empire can survive these troubled times.

Asrai.org are proud to present their first ever online campaign -

Sentinels of Shadows: Crossing Paths

Battle across Nordland and Middenland as one of five factions to determine the fate of the northern provinces. Choose whether to save or destroy the Empire; will you join the defenders of the Empire to ensure the liberty and peace of the Old World is maintained? Or will you side with the forces arrayed against them; the Greenskin horde of Uzgrim Grotfang or the dark alliance gathering under the leadership of the Dagger of Shadows? Defend the Laurelorn forest against the outsiders, or attempt to burn the elves from their land; will you march with the Laurelornalim as they stake their claim in the north once more? Or will you seek personal honour and glory on the battlefield, or wreak havoc throughout the land amongst the ranks of the Cockatrice’s many followers in the depths of the Drakwald?

~ With both faction and personal resources, players can act independently or as part of a unified team. Spend your spoils to aid your faction, bribe your enemies or achieve personal glory as you choose!

~ Use of the popular �?ofluff reports�?� system means you don�?Tt even need to play games!

The campaign begins October 2011!

(Starts the 17th, faction signup the 10th, but the forums are already full of avid campaigners so feel free to sign up now)