[Archive] Astragoth(4)


Who thinks Astragoth should came back with an expanded background and a new mini ?

Who prefer new characters, assuming that he dont fit in the new cd look.


astragoths background is quite out dated compared to newer charcters, plus i never play or use special charcters, they just seem to big for 2000-3000 armies,

special charcters would suit atleast 10k games


It’s been ages since astrogoth rules/background was written. It would be cool if he had completely turned to stone up to his neck, and was carried about by bull centaurs and conducted his magic through an apprentice, called astrogoth’s right hand or something. He should be included in some way anyway.


being the only chaos dwarf special character ive ever heard of i think he should totally make a comeback. maybe in some new incarnation, but with stone legs still and still the highest of high sorcerers.


I like Astragot but actually Zhatan the black is more in my liking. Would want to see him instead. Also it stands that Astragot is not the most powerful sorcerer out there. so perhaps someone new? but I actually never playes with special character, I rather use my own.

Pyro Stick:

Astragoth should definately make a come back as a new model. A much larger, elaborate model. We should ger loads more specail characters as well. There are loads mentioned (Rykarth(?), Zhatan) but only a model for one of them.


I wouldn’t mind if he just came back the way he is. There are few characters that are available to use in Warhammer who are actually written as being dead, Gorthor for example.

Maybe if they just went into a bit more depth about him.


I would love to see Astragoth come back with some new background but still with plenty of the old stuff.


There are few characters that are available to use in Warhammer who are actually written as being dead....

All of the vampire counts and tomb kings characters :P :o


I see Astragoth as a character with a lot of potential. In the few background he has, he his the greatest autorirty among the CD, the equivalent of king Thorgrim. As such, a new CD army deserve to have a character with a consistent background and a place in their history.

As for the ini, making him more mechanical will fit nicely in the hellcannon version.


astragoth is one of our staples they cant take him away

itd be like taking manfred out of vc