[Archive] Astragoth, hobgoblin wolf rider hero and CD hero for sale


As the title says.  I’ve been given some free models and I don’t want to keep most of them, I’ll keep a big hat sorcerer and convert the bloodbowl bull centaur to a standard bearer or hero before selling him (unless anyone happens to want him unconverted)

I have 1 “new” in box Astragoth and 1 “new” in box Hobgoblin wolf rider hero. (“New” from 1993…)

I also have 1 “new from opened box” CD hero with Axe 2, with the banner poles and a shield.

Paypal only.  I’ll post anywhere but buyer pays the postage

Edit.  This guy:



If anyone is interested I have listed the hobgoblin wolf rider and astragoth on ebay


I’ve also listed a FW tau custodian and a bloodbowl deathroller for anyone really keen