[Archive] Astrogoth Ironhands - in mega suit!


I’ve long had the idea of Drazhoath finally coming to take the power in Zharr-Naggrund. A large civil war fought somewhere near the gates of the tower city. And of cause at some point during the fight a duel between Drazhoath (who is the bad guy of cause) and Astrogoth (our hero).

Looking at Astrogoth and Drazhoath - that duel would be like me fighting Optimus Prime in a fist fight.

So I’m building an Astrogoth / Ghazkull Thraka conversions. Here’s a picture of a dryfit of the two, no cutting yet. It works fairly well. Astrogoth wil be closer to the mega armor when cut up, so the large robot arms will have more free space. I’ll add a large hammer to the right mega robot hand.

More on my blog.

Now the rules for Astrogoth in the 4th ed book or Thommy Hs book still won’t cut it.

What I would like to have, is rules that will make it a fair (or almost fair) fight between Drazhoath (LoA) and Mega Astrogoth.

Considerations for Astrogoth
Should be on a 40mm base (monstrous infantry character), thus he can’t be stomped.

I think Astrogoth, being high priest and all, should have Lore Master: Hashut and know all spells from the LoA lore.

I’ve been thinking about giving him the Heroic Killing Blow special rule. Then he should of cause not have that many attacks, but this might be too easy a way to bring down Astrogoth, despite his 5++. This is also inspired by his old rules, where he could double his attacks because of the arm going into overdrive.

A strength 3 breath weapon (steam) might be a cool thing, as he is in a giant steam driven suit.

The Mortachs from Nagash has a combined profile (a brilliant idea) are 650 points, magic users, S6, T6 and between 8-10 Wounds. This could be a guideline. Though Astrogoth should never have that many wounds.

Though the large armor could justify S6 or S5 and T6. Astrogoth should have 4 or 5 Wounds. Equal to Drazhoath plus something from the fact that he almost entirely stone and metal.

A rule, in the line of the “none FAQed” blazing body is a neat idea. Because of all the steam and smoke around Astrogoth a -1 to hit would be cool.

A 2+ save should be realistic (as chaos armor, enchanted shield is pretty common for us), and a 5++ or 4++ (which is a bit better against fire attacks).

When this great monster of a steam engine comes into speed, it doesn’t stop. A d3 impact hits and swiftstride is a possibility. I like ThommyHs fluff on how chaos dwarfs try to hold back the insane Astrogoth - otherwise he just charges out in front of the army.

Thoughts, comments, ideas is much appreciated. I’ve never made a special character before.

Keep in mind, this is all for fun and giggles and intended to be used in a specific scenario: Drazhoath and the Traitor Legion of Azgorh vs Astrogoth and the Defenders of Zharr-Naggrund. (Link to other thread)


Nice conversion

I would rather give Megastragoth more attacks and no Heroic KB, as this makes the duel between them too RNG based for either part to risk it.


How about something like:

M 2 (5)
WS 5
BS 3
S 2 (6)
T 6
W 4
I 1
A 2*
Ld 10
Pts: ?
Troop type: Monstrous Infantry (Special Character)

Mechanical Body (incorporates a Magical Hand Weapon and a Steam Gun)

Astragoth is a level 4 wizard who has the Loremaster: Hashut special rule

Special Rules
Resolute, Contempt, Sorcerer’s Curse, Loremaster: Hashut.

First Prophet of Zharr-Naggrund: Unless using the Great Host rules in Tamurkhan, or due to a Scenario Special Rule, Astragoth must always be your army’s General.  His Inspiring Presence is 15" rather than 12".

Mechanical Body: This gives Astragoth a 2+ armour save and a 5+ Ward save (which improves to 2+ against flaming attacks).  It also gives him +3M and +4S (noted above in his profile in brackets).
It also enables him to make additional attacks; if Astragoth hits with both attacks he may make an additional attack, if this hits he may make another, and so on up to six additional attacks.  For each additional attack, after making the attack, but before rolling for the next, roll a D6, if the score is equal to or under the number of the current additional attack then the suit goes into overdrive; Astragoth makes no more of these additional bonus attacks and instead inflicts a S4 hit on all models in base contact, friend or foe and himself takes a wound with no saves of any kind allowed.  If Astragoth goes into overdrive, for the rest of that round of combat he will be hit automatically, and may not make a Stomp attack.

Steam gun: Ranged Weapon.  Place the teardrop template as if making a Breath Weapon shooting attack.  All models under the template take a S1 hit with no armour saves allowed.

Rivalry: Astragoth may never be fielded in the same army as Ghorth the Cruel.