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Auretious Taak:

Greetings Everybody,

This is going to be the place I sporadically pen some thoughts and sketch ideas on my army as well as whenever i get to it, posting up pictures of said army as it develops.

Currently my thoughts swing towards a P
AINT SCHEME of very solid contrasts, Black Vs. Green almost flourescent green in colouration, and instead of a classic lava feel base design, maybe something more eclectic, a bright Blue, Purple, or Green perhaps?

Some of you may have noticed my thread on Hob Goblin Spam at 2,000pts in the Arrmy List section, and to be honest it would be hilarious to collect 835 Hob Gobs and 31 CD’s as a 2,000pt army just to watch peoples faces, lol, but that is more a work in progress list in and of itself.

My actual army will take some time to design properly, but right no I know I am going for a Chaos dwarf Lord on Great Taurus armed either with the Talisman of Obsidian (Haha, Vampire Counts/High Elf et al. magic abusers beware!) or in most cases, the most awesome Dark Mace of Death. Both are 100 pts and both are damned effective at what they do. Alot of people have mentioned how hard it is to deal with ogre Kingdoms, well that dark Mace of Death, on a Bull Taurus will get you into base contact with 3 Ogres (corners count remember) so that’s 3D3 wounds outright, no armour save and then the 4 strength 5(6?) attacks from the Great Taurus as well. If you are exceedingly lucky you could top an Ogre General in a single round, but then you also have Bolt Throwers to thin them out first. As to conversions for the chap, I am takinga step away from the classic Bull Taurus. Instead, with the help of my younger brother whom we shall address by the title of Sprankle (bastardised version of Sprained Ankle), I shall be creating a Steam Dragon, a mechanical steam driven dragon as my Great Taurus. That is the aim at this point.

I have 19 original Black orcs, the BO’s so old they are smaller then the new Orcs nowaday, the Plastic ones, the old Plastic BO’s is what I have. :slight_smile:

Likely I shall include at least 1 Earthshaker, possibly 2 though will likely take Bull centaurs as well.

I like Blunderbusses ALOT, will likely use the CD core as Blunderbi men only, and would like to fiddle with abusing the possibilities of alot of Hob Gobs, but who knows at this point.

Theme wise, the force will tie into the Mechanical dragon aspect, and conversions of the Bull centaurs will bastardise the concept by the Snowman in so far as having Black orc’s as the top half of the model, though I may fiddle withs ome hats et al.

I have an un-assembled box of BFSP in my room so can go from there.

Any ideas on how to convert the Hob Gobs from the BFSP Gobs would be great, else I’ll just paint them in the classic cream robes that the Hob Gobs seem to have alot of.

Till next time,

Auretious Taak.

2:15pm, Wednesy, 29th October, 2008.

Auretious Taak:

List wise having just found this little piece of awesome:


I am not sure whether to take a Bull centaur Lord or a CD Lord on Great Taurus, I might have 2 alternate lists, or build the army in 1,000pt blocks so I can swap out 1 lord with the other conveniently.

That is all for now,

Auretious Taak.

9:53pm, Wednesy, 29th October, 2008.

Auretious Taak:

So I shall soon start within the next fortnight amuch more interesting Army Blog based off the thread I opened in the General Discussion area, but for now I have a sorcerer conversion I am working on - no pictures yet, just in parts and basic but off of a different non-GW model as the base. That all said I am going for the Hob Goblin spam army first and foremost, lol.


Stuff hats, the army shall be called:

The Black Hoods of Hashut.

Or a different colour, we’ll sort that later.

I will be doing different units of Hob Gobs to represent my slave army, some elves, skaven, humans, whatever, they are all slaves who cares, they’ll get the same treatment, tee hee. The Few Hob Goblins I do manage to get will get whips and be the unit leaders so to speak. :slight_smile: The Hob Goblins will have a more elevated position within the army as a whole compared to the other Slaves.

And that is about all I have for now.

4:51pm, Sunday, 6th November, 2008.


I miss-read that as “Hoobs”.

I blame my g/f using that show to wake herself up in the morn…

Kera foehunter:

i take the bull centaur as the slave lord !!

the hoods!! sound sorta gang wars cool

Auretious Taak:

Okay so cleaning up my room and also thinking about how to play my Black dwarf warband for Mordheim I’ve gota few ideas and a few models already. Basically, the premise for the warband is you have a twisted and warped CD Sorcerer, hunched, hodded, lots of spines and stuff sticking out his back et al. He is accompanied by 2 twisted Gaolers, not CD’s but more like mutated assistants - who knows how the sorcerer came across these chaps, whether by dark sorcerer or some other means it is unknown. Throw in a twisted Trollish Ogre type as an Ogre Hired Sword and you have the beginnings of a dark and unknown factor operating in whatever citadel he originates. This of course is unacceptable to the ruling lords of said citadel and thusly a more noble aspect of teh Chaos Dwarves shall be sent along to keep an eye on the Sorcerer and his unknown motives. This brings in the 5 Chaos Dwarf Warriors and the Bull Centaur. Informers are informers, slaves whatever. Thus far I am using the Bloodbowl Chaos Dwarf Linemen as 4 of the Chaos dwarves, converting a 5th from the Bull Centaur Star Player’s upper torso and using the bull centaurs torso and hopefully a Black Orc or Warrior of Chaos’s boddy to bring up the Bull Centaur centaur look. To the Sorcerer, a Rackham Dwarf of Mid-Nor converted with a mace, shield (warrior wizard skill needed of course) and staff; The Gaolers are then a Rackham Goblin Mutant and a Reaper Miniatures undead dreg like assistant - both Gaolers have Mancatchers; The Ogre Hired Sword is the Rackham Red Troll and the 2 Informers I have yet to decide upon. Once my room is properly cleaned up we’ll see some actual conversions and models painted up.

Auretious Taak.