[Archive] Aurgggggggg a new one

Knight Of Awsome:

cool dwarfs pirates, i love the mossy bases on some of them!

Hashut’s Blessing:

They look really cool. So much going on. Can you take pictures of them in smaller groups, please?


Very nice work Kera! Very thematic! My only comment is the bases should all be consistently coloured/painted; base consistency goes a long way to unit cohesion. The green ones in the front rank look out of place, IMHO.


love um


love them they are so cool i like the beards


They are so cooll, its a bit much (for one photo), it could be the way they are setup up.


Yaaaar! Excellent stuff. You just can’t get enough pirate goodness if you ask me!

I particularly like the spotted bandana on the standard bearer. Did you paint them all together or over a long period as the vastly varying base style (and size!) seems to suggest the latter.


Those are outstanding. You did a great job on them.


Nice job, Kera :slight_smile: Looking foreward to see more of 'em pirrrrates :wink:

Father Grumpmas:

Guns and booze - a winning combination :cheers

They look really good but consistent coloured bases would finish them off nicely

Aurgggggggg :hat off


This is one is nice!:hat off

Tarrakk Blackhand:

They look wonderful, especially the one on the 2 barrels.


If thats your daddy, Kira then your father is one cool dwarf slayer father :slight_smile:

:cheers Cheers


They look great. There’s some nice conversion work in there.

Father Grumpmas:

You must be getting a fair number of completed figures for your pirates now.

Any chance of a whole army shot?


well thanks merchant you can tell i have my dads eyes and the thurst for rum

Kera foehunter
Of course mate :)
Cheers :cheers


I like your stuff kera, only thing I can see is that alot of your bases have different colors on them, and it really distracts form the unity of the pirates… either do them all black or green or blue or whatever, but do them all the same way… (I’m speaking more of the colored sides, not the moss, moss shouldn’t look unified at all)


Nice guys ! :hat off

From which company are they???


Captain Crayon:

i love pirates :slight_smile:

dammit i seriously want a pirate army now…

they look fantastic.nice work :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:

Those boots and armour look like Marauder?

The look pretty sweet Kera, I like pappa Foehunter too, nice painting!! :hat off