[Archive] AUS help, please: Inquisition Miniatures?


Any of you mates down under (Adelaide area, perhaps) that know of Inquisition Miniatures? Like, are they still in business, where to purchase their miniatures, are the chaos dwarfs still made? :smiley: etc.

Might have been sold via “Military Hobbies” (Ring any bells ?) ???

From what I can find there were 4 Chaos Dwarfs made (IDW23, 24, 25 and 26) - all put in a pack called IDW27. Maybe someone could confirm that, too?

Found pictures of them at Stunties.com:

Not great miniatures - but have a nice old Grenadier flavour :smiley:

Any info would be welcomed.



Hey there, I guess you’ve found this site ( http://www.chronofus.net/wargames/inquisition/inquisition.htm ) already.

personally I haven’t found them either but that ain’t saying much. I have IO25 the Boar standard rider and SF013 “Looney Orc in Tu-Tu” whom I love he’s my L4 Orc Shaman.


Hey Clam, I live way too far away from Adelaide to know of them personally. I would have to google the details, which is what i a sure you did. If you want, I can place a posting on one of the popular Aussie wargaming forums, to see if any other Aussie wargamer knows anything. They may even have the minis that you are after? Would you consider buying them 2nd hand?


Would appreciate any help I could get to solve this mystery, so if you could be burdened doing that, G2 - I’d really appreciate it

- and if I can add them them to my collection it would be perfect! New or 2nd hand? Same to me really - if in a good shape (un-damaged), used miniatures are as good as new ones, IMO. And if i don’t like the paintings … well ‘stripping’ has become a speciality of mine :smiley:


Hey Clam. It has been done. I will send you a PM with more details.