[Archive] Avatars of War "Apocalypse Dwarfs"


I wouldn’t count on seeing Apoc Dwarfs before 2015.

He’s announced yet another kickstarter (human army, which has cool concept art btw), before completeting the previous one. The Dwarfs alone will take him a year.

The Apoc warriors issue I still don’t understand as that’s a moulding problem and doesn’t need him involved.


I’m not sure there are still problems with the Apoc warriors.

They have a lot of work with dwarfs, but contributors can get their models if they want. And when this first wave is done, they appears in the online store.

Nevertheless, their communication is not good, even if it’s not new, a local miniature shop was complaining about them long time before the Indiegogo campaign.


Last time I checked they only had the Great Weapon apoc warriors ready?  Too lazy to check.

There has been a rediculously long period for them to re-work the moulds.

I learned to my cost the first time around when I preordered the Dwarf Berserkers and didn’t get them until only 3 months later. I swore then that I would only send AoW money to buy models that were actually in the online store and would not back them in any way.