[Archive] Baby #2 is almost here!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Baby #2 is coming soon. Julie started contractions @ 2:00 am, went to hospital @ 3:00 am and was sent home @5:00. We’ll probably be back to Hospital soon. It’s 8:30 Am.


Knows exactly how it feels right now :smiley:

Best of luck!


:cheers GOOD LUCK !!!:cheers


Best of luck dude! And remember if it’s a boy Mark is a great name! :wink:


Good luck to you and Julie, Tarrakk!



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Congratulations and good luck!


Also from me good luck! :hat off

Enjoy the silence! :wink:

… and remember Chris is a great name! :cheers



hehe or Nanne… tralalala oh but you’re not dutch so you probably can’t say it properly hehe

once again, good luck and enjoy the new kid!


Good luck. Congratulations too.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

ThanX everyone!

Ahh…Julie’s contractions are still sporatic and it’s 1:30 PM now. I’m thinking baby will come later tonight or tommorrow.

The first one will be 17 months on the 9th.

This one’s slated to be a girl, at least that’s what the Ultrasound says…so with the exception of Chris (Short for Christine) the boy’s names won’t work! LOL! We’re thinking of Daciana - Meaning Daughter of Dacia - or old Romania.

…and still we wait! :smiley:


Congratz and good luck, yo! :smiley:


Good luck! The second is always that much harder because of the first one. Everything is more complicated when you have to juggle two of them.

Kera foehunter:

Well i wish Julie much luck!

i hope Evey thing goes well and smooth

What a great time to be born ! Winter is 1/2 over

well let us know more when you can

Hashut’s Blessing:

Many congratulations. Just don’t try to LITERALLY juggle them! :wink: It amuses me somewhat, warms me too, that you came on CDO to gloat about the second baby’s coming :wink:


Best of luck hope it all goes well :slight_smile:


:cheers Still best wishes comming from thorne’s place ! :cheers


Once more, good luck!

Always cool to see a life start, I guess that would be really really awesome =]

Best of luck and the best wishes, mate :cheers

Border Reiver:

Best wishes for you both - you probably won’t get a chance to look at this until #2 is here, so at this point I’m going to say, “One more for the tie, two for the win.”

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi everyone!

Well, we had the baby in 1.5 hours. Daciana Ursulescu. Born February 1st at 10:30 pm. 6lbs 10 oz. Julie didn’t need drugs or stiches. Everyone is ok.

Can I get some slaves for this? :smiley: LOL!