[Archive] Babylonian Monsters


While doing research on the Babylonians and such I found two “monsters” or gods that would make the CD theme stand out more. After reading the Dragon thread, I thought maybe call the beast a Taimat or a Bahamut. Yeah, I know that they are FF characters and such, but they have strong roots in babylonian mytos and would make the theme really stand out. I was thinking one of them as a Taurus. It is going to be modeled from the carnifex I have talked about long ago. I think I will call it the Taimat beetle. What do you guys think?


As an assyrian fan, I think any CD army must have some kind of babilonical influence. Personnaly I use a tomb scorpion because he looks great and the scorpion-man myths can be traced to mesopotamian art.

Seems like a great idea. And it seems even better if your going to use the carnifex. Cant wait to see it

Ishkur Cinderhat:

In any way I think it should be Tiamat, and not Taimat, spelling the name of that monster wrong twice in one post surely arragavates the Dark Father! :slight_smile:


Correct me if Im wrong but wasnt Tiamat a God and not an animal? It wouldnt seem right to make a beast named after a Real life Godess in Warhammer.

- Tallhat