[Archive] Back on the straight and narrow (11-07-08)

Father Grumpmas:

Despite being distracted by sheep (never a good thing for a New Zealander to say) and the continued lure of the new VC book and Nurgle daemons, it is time to paint some proper models and get ready for a July competition.

I’m planning a magic heavy/gunline army (as discussed in the Tactics section) and need to get the following figures done:

*Sorcerer Lord - this is going to be a Rackham figure

*Sorcerer - slightly converted Hellcannon crewman

*Blunderbusses - the old swivel guns/mortars/bazookas/ plus some  RAFM figures

*Command models - converted 4th edition CD’s

*Hobgoblins with bows - old 5th edition goblins

*4 bolt throwers - assorted spare goblin/dwarf bolt throwers

*A second earth shaker - the standard model

Not a lot of conversion to be done - just a lot of painting. The goal would to be have no big hats in this version of my army but I will probably need to field the completed big hat blunderbusses I have just to make up numbers.

Will hopefuly post some beginning pictures later this week.

Kera foehunter:

i can’t wait to see them Father Grumpmas

Father Grumpmas:

A small beginning but the hellcannon crewman has had a staff grafted on to become a sorcerer and the Rackham figure for the sorcerer lord has been assembled

Father Grumpmas:

Standard Bearers



Snotling Slaves (count as ‘naked’ hobgoblins)

Zhatan the Black:

oooo there is some nice models kicking about in there that rakham one is a beast literally… its huge ^^ just as ur leader should be nice idea withe the snotlings as well m8

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking good. When do we get to see them painted?


Great start I look forward to the next update.


I know what you mean by Vc and Nurgle distractions, I’ve the same problem.

The Tir-Na-Bor Thermo Priest makes a really good sorcerer lord and using a blood bowl player as a unit champion is an idea I may have to steal.

Look forward to seeing the army painted.


Father Grumpmas:

The job is progressing slowly and only a little over two weeks left :o

Some WIP

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s looking good. What are the hobgoblin Chinese rockets and ramps made from?

Kera foehunter:

I like the rocket lanching hobgoblin what type are they Father gumpmas

Father Grumpmas:

The rocket teams are original citadel figures from the 80’s - acutally four crew per team but I’m only using two.


Hashut’s Blessing:

Ah, that’s cool. I didn’t realise the rockets themselves were actual models :smiley: Still, looks quite good :smiley:

Father Grumpmas:

Well it was a rush job, mainly consisting of base coating and then washing or dipping but the motley crew are assembled - 2000 pts of CD gunline without a Big Hat in sight.

The new Earthshaker is a particularly crappy job and may even get a few quick hightlights tonight.

The two new Sorcerers

All the characters assembled

The old BB unit with new command

New Blunderbussess

New Bolt throwers

Earthshaker No.2

Scummy Slaves

Gunline Away


It should probably be pointed out that the reason he has 2 earthshakers is because the tournament we’re entered in has no comp score (just battle points and sportsmanship). Pretty much everyone is bringing a cheesed list to this bash :rolleyes:

Father Grumpmas:

Pretty much everyone is bringing a cheesed list to this bash :rolleyes:

How appropiate for a Skaven player :hat off


I’m not just bringing cheese, I’m bringing the entire dairy farm, baby :smiley:

Father Grumpmas:

I'm not just bringing cheese, I'm bringing the entire dairy farm, baby :D


Hashut’s Blessing:

Should that not be sh-udder… Couldn’t resist! As for the list: I can;t believe it’s not butter!


nice. what did you use for that altar?

loving your sorcerers